Prospective Students

Note: The SPTH Deadline for applications is January 15, 2020
NB: due to the University’s holiday closure, applications and supporting documents submitted after December 16th may not appear as uploaded until January 8th.


Please note:  York University will be closed from Dec 21st to January 6th for the holiday break. During that time, the system will not be updated, so changes or on-line submissions will not be reflected until the University reopens and updates all the system changes and documents are uploaded and linked to the files.  This may take a couple of days once we re-open.

A note about the University holiday closure:

For applicants wanting to work on their applications over the holidays, the optimal way to proceed would be to go on-line and do the on-line application by Dec 12th or 13th.  By putting the application in by the 12th or 13th, Admissions will have time to get your “Myfile” setup over the holidays.  You can continue to work on your application over the holidays, and upload the documents once they are ready, and when Admissions re-opens in January, they will update their system and you can then check to make sure everything is complete.

Also:  Please make sure you put the names and emails of your referees in too, so they will have the maximum time to get their references in too.

If you wish to leave a message, we will return your call or email when we reopen.  Emails may be left as and telephone messages may be left at 416 736-5320.

If you wish to contact the Admission office directly, you may contact that at 416 736-5000 or by going to the York U Graduate Admissions page at: and at the bottom of the page is “Ask and Expert” that you can click on and send your information request directly to Admissions.

Please note: As long as your application is submitted by the deadline, you can add documents after the deadline.   The SPTH Admissions committee will start to read files when they return, so you will want to get all your documents submitted as soon as possible if you put in your application close to the deadline.

The Graduate program in Social and Political Thought welcomes applications from students who are interested in the analysis of social and political ideas with the aim of integrating intellectual interests common to the Humanities and Social Sciences. The program represents a wide range of intellectual approaches to the study of social and political thought in its larger historical and cultural contexts. Applicants should have a direction in mind for their research project prior to entering the program and are encouraged to identify specific faculty members they may wish to work with. Applicants should also identify their interest in one or more of the following three fields within the SPTH program:

  1. History of Social and Political Thought,
  2. Black Studies and Theories of Race and Racism
  3. Economy, Consciousness, Aesthetics and Society.

Applications are available online through the Admissions office from mid-October for  admission the following September.  Admission to both the MA and the PhD in Social and Political Thought is for the Fall term (September). The program does not admit students for Winter or Summer term start dates.

Program admission requirements, including links to general guidelines for assessing international degrees and qualifications, can be found here. (More detailed information about program requirements for students can be found under the 'Current Students' tab above.)

Information about the financial support offered to both domestic and international graduate students at York can be found here.

If you have any difficulties with your SPTH application, please contact the Admissions office at 416 736-5000. Questions specific to the SPTH program, may be directed to the Graduate Program Assistant, Judith Hawley (

Some tips for Applicants:

You will be asked to provide the name and emails for each of your referees so Admission can send the email reference form. You may want to let your referees know the request will be coming and that they can draft their statement in word and then cut and paste it into the form when the form is received.

Transcripts can be uploaded.  Please upload them as one pdf form.

If you have applied and attended York in the past, your student number will remain the same as your application file will be assigned the student number automatically.

If you have extenuating circumstances, you may wish to include a letter explaining the circumstances, impact on grades, etc. in a separate letter.  It can be submitted to either admissions or the program office to be uploaded to your application file.



Students currently in other graduate programs who are considering transferring to the Social and Political Thought program should be aware that they must seek entry into the program through the admissions process. Advanced standing — if applicable — would be adjudicated only after the student is admitted and registered in the program through a petition to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. However, please note that advanced standing cannot be guaranteed and courses cannot count towards more than one degree.


Applications from previous years cannot be resubmitted. Letters of reference, statements of interest and writing samples are generally held for one year, and if the information is on file, it can be re-accessed.  If you wish to use the previous year's supporting documents, please contact the SPTH office by email so that the Admissions office may be notified.