PhD Alumni

Doctoral Dissertations in Social and Political Thought

Rodrigues, SaraElective Breast Surgery and Body Image: A Poststructural-Phenomenological Investigation2017
Preston, JenniferRacial Extractivism: Neoliberal White Settler Colonialism and Tar Sands Extraction2017
O’Regan, KeithToward a Productive Aesthetics: History and Now Time in Blake and Brecht2017
Nelson, BryanDemocracy Against: The Antinomies of Politics2017
Lewis, ClaytonAfter The Death Of God: From Political Nihilism To Post-Foundational Democracy2017
Keikhaee, AidinFor the Other, Beyond Ethics: Responsibility, Critique, and Praxis in Levinas and Adorno2017
Jain, DhruvThe Atomic Prince: A Lucretian Interpretation of Machiavelli2017
Hayter, John MatthewQuest(ion)s of Anarchist Power: Rethinking Power-To, Power-Over, and Power-With in the Radical Democratic Praxis of Consensus Decision-Making2017
Araujo, ChristopherNature, History and the Dialectic of Negativity: The Category of Nature in Marx's Writings2017
Zeleke, ElleniSocial Science is a Battlefield: Theory and Practice and Contested Politics in Revolutionary Ethiopia2016
Upadhyay, Nishant"We'll Sail Like Columbus": Race, Indigeneity, Settler Colonialism, and the Making of South Asian Diasporas in Canada2016
Nastovski, KatherineTowards Transformative Solidarities: Wars of Position in the Making of Labour Internationalism in Canada2016
Kalman-Lamb, NathanAthletic Labour, Spectatorship, and Social Reproduction in the World of Professional Hockey2016
Cochrane, David (Troy)What's Love Got to Do With It? Diamonds and the Accumulation of De Beers, 1935-552016
Adjemian, JonathanTo Hold the World Visible: Writing and History in the Work of Mohammed Dib2016
McMahon, James What Makes Hollywood Run? Capitalist Power, Risk and the Control of Social Creativity2015
Kolia, ZahirColonial Theology: John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Charles Darwin and the Emergence of the Colonial-Capitalist World System, 1500–19002015
Drapeau, ThierryThe Atlantic Roots of Working-Class Internationalism: A Historical Re-Interpretation2015
Fritsch, Kelly MichelleNeoliberal Biopolitics of Disability: Towards Emergent Intracorporeal Practices2015
Gordon, Aaron AndrewEurocentric Archival Knowledge Production and Decolonizing Archival Theory2015
Levine, Gabriel JaimeRadical Vernaculars: Experiments with Tradition between Politics and Performance2015
Ruddy, Karen AnnDecolonizing Literacies: Transnational Feminism, Legacies of Coloniality, and Pedagogies of transformation2015
Selimovic, AdnanStillborn: The Libidinal Economy of Gadgetized Mediation in the Era of Socialization for Consumption; An Explanatory Political Project2015
Zinaic, RadeA Materialist Critique of Critical Balkanologies2015
Belmer, Stephanie LynnAt the Intersection of Ethics and Aesthetics: Emmanuel Levinas and Theodor Adorno on the Work of Art2014
Flemming, Gregory C.In the Beginning… Was the Act!: Zizek, Marx, and the Question of Form2014
Henderson, Christine RoseContemporary Ruins: Politics and Aesthetics Beyond the Melancholy Imagination2014
Khimji, MohamedThinking the End in Itself: a Critical Study of First Principles in Plato, Aristotle, The Bible, and Kant2014
Lee, RobynBreastfeeding: Power, Ethics, Poetics2014
Norys, Marnina Margaret AnnMere Sources of Error: Workers, patients, and the reductive logic of rationalized healthcare2014
Sayer, David AndrewMachiavelli on the Art of the State and the True Way2014
Videkanic, BojanaNon-Aligned Modernism: Yugoslavian Art and Culture from 1945-19902014
Weisberg, Zipporah LeslieAnimal Dialectics: Towards a Critical Theory of Animals and Society2014
Dionne, EmilieThinking the Pluri-Person through Ironic Practices of Storytelling2013
Harman, Jason MalcolmThe Politics of Tragedy: The Reversal of Radical Democracy2013
Kuhnle, Lee ChristianOn the Concept of Religion in Walter Benjamin's Critical Theory2013
Mccormack, Geoffrey Robert MacbrideThe Causes, Characte and Consequences of Economic Growth in Canada, 1974-2008: A Classical Political Economic Analysis2013
Potts, Graham MichaelPosthuman Punk'd2013
Stewart, Fenn ElanNaturalizing Canada: Settler Colonial 'Wilderness' and the making of race and place2013
Burke, DonaldA Dialectical Approach to Aesthetics in the Age of Post-metaphysical Modernity2012
Topdjian, Carolyne"Post-Beautiful Bodies: New Ways of Representing Female in Contemporary Visual Culture"2012
Badeen, DennisA Marxist Critique of the Ontological Foundations of Neoclassical Economics2011
Chowdhry, AniruddhaPost-Deconstructive Subjectivity and History: Phenomenology, Critical Theory, and Postcolonial Thought2011
Georgiou, AndreasBeing and Time of the Everyday: A Critique of Distance and Engagement2011
Kamenova, KalinaThe Public Communication and Biopolitics of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research in the United States and the European Union2011
Kiloh, Kathy J.Embodied Ethics and Corporeal Conscience: Levinas & Adorno Within & Beyond Totality2011
Nagam, JulieAlternative Cartographies: Grafting a New Route for Indigenous Stories of Place2011
Resendes, LiviaBoehme and Hegel: Towards a Rational and Androgynous Spirituality2011
Bojadzija, AmiraNarratives of Sense Memory in Holocaust Survival Literature2010
Hamer, EdwardThe Ethical Implications of Accomplished Rituals: Visual Art and Psychology2010
Liinamaa, SaaraExperiments in Urban Knowledge: Contemporary Art as Urban Research2010
Scherer, Frank F.Freud's Orient: Early Psychoanalysis, "Anti-Semetic Challenge", and the Vicissitudes of Orientalist Discourse2010
Sun, FeiyuSocial Suffering and Political Confession: Suku in Modern China2010
Wells, Charles H.The Subject of Liberation: Confronting Slavoj Zizek2010
Norton, Glen W.Exploring Lived Cinematic Moments in Italian Neorealism and the French Nouvelle Vague2009
Arcila, Paola BohorquezLiving Between Languages: Linguistic Exile and Self-Translation2008
Campbell, Colin J.Beyond Vengeance: Religion and Political Liberation in Bataille, Girard and Rousseau2008
Chandler, MielleCreation, Sovereignty, Ethics: Private Property and the Infraction of Infinity2008
Chang-Campbell, GenaMestizaje a la Mode: Women and Popular Religion in Brasiliadade and Cubanidad2008
Clift, SarahCommitting the Future to Memory2008
Friedman, Elisabeth RuthAesthetics of Incommensurability: Artworks, Archives and the Dilemmas of Holocaust Representation2008
Hameed, S. AyeshaBricks and Blood: The Dialectical Image of the Black Atlantic in the Colonial Metropolis2008
Krishnamurti, Sailaja Vatsala"The Route to Your Roots": History, Hindu Nationalism and Comics in India and South Asian Diasporas2008
Neimanis, Astrida G.Bodies of Water2008
Rosen, Joseph E.Beyond Memory: From Historical Violence to Political Authority in Contemporary Space2008
Scott, Sonya MarieThe Epistemological Constitution of Subjectivity in Economic Thought2008
Short, JonathanA Life Undivided: On Agamben's Use of Heidegger and Benjamin2008
Thompson, Chad D.Epistemologies of Independence: Technology and Empire in the Post-Soviet Borderlands2008
Bresnahan, KeithArchitectures of Affect: Form and Feeling Between Enlightenment and Modernity2007
Levant, AlexThe Problem of Self-Emancipation: Subjectivity, Organization and the Weight of History2007
Ma, Michael C.K.Social Justice Exhaustion and Containment: An Investigation of the Chinese National Council — Toronto Chapter2007
Mann, H. MollyHegel and Ricouer's Teleological Conception of the Ethical Aim: Social Justice as Civic Inclusion2007
McMurtry, J.J.Theory's Life Aporia: Understanding the Life Ground of Social and Political Thought2007
Persaud, Walter H.International Education in Thailand: A Postcolonial Analysis2007
Shaw, ChristineConnect, Conjugate, Continue: Unfurling Thought and Creativity2007
Andrade, PabloDemocracy and Political Change in Ecuador: Liberalism, the Politics of Culture, and Industrial Reform2006
Cauchi, MarkThe Creation of Deconstruction: the Greek, the Abrahamic, and the Sins of Jacques Derrida2006
Heynen, Robert J.Degeneration and Revolution: Radical Cultural Politics and the Politics of the Body in Weimar Germany, 1914-19332006
Kamugisha, AaronAbducting Western Civilization: Colonality, Citizenship and Liberation in the Caribbean Intellectual Tradition2006
Mtshali, KhondloThe Developmental Phases of a Healer in Ayi Kewi Armah's Novels2006
Tahmasebi-Birgani, VictoriaThe Ethical Work of Liberation: Levinas, Ghandi and Political Praxis2006
Walker, KathrynAll of Antigones2006
Khan, Tariq AminTheorizing the Postcolonial State in the Era of Capitalist Globalism2005
Parkins, IlyaMaterial Modernity: A Feminist Theory of Modern Fashion2005
Sliwinski, SharonVisualizing Human Rights: Photography, Atrocity, & the Ethical Imagination2005
Armstrong, Sean DavidSuperstition and the Idols of the Mind: How the Witch-Hunt Helped Shape the Scientific Revolution in England2004
Baker, Norma JoThe Politics of Irresponsibility: Liberalism and Labour in YeltsinÕs Russia2004
Blackell, MarkSymptoms of Democracy: Ambivalence and its Limits in Modern Liberal Conceptions of the Liberal Democratic Bond2004
Lokaisingh-Meighoo, SeanThe Return of Dialectics2004
Travis, EllenThe Material Production of Truth2004
Anderson-Irwin, ChrisHegel, Judaism, and Biblical Thought2003
Cameron, GregoryProject of Philosophy: Myth, Politics and Experience2003
Lucas, JanetDisruption of Human Subjectivity: An Exploration of Language and Psychosis2003
McCullough, JohnTedium and Torture: Representations of Work, Class Relations and Nation at the Beginning of the 21st Century2003
Song, XingwuModernization and Individualization of Youth in Post-Mao China2003
Suski, LauraAnguished Humanists: International Development and the Humanitarian Impulse2003
Vanstone, GailDocumenting D: Studio D of the NFB and Its Representation of Women's Lives in Canada, 1974-19962003
Verikukis, HristosWas Khun Really Revolutionary? Or, From Demarcation to the Choice of Critical Problems, From Khun to Popper and Althusser2003
Wright, Robert EricThe Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism2003
Cameron, HeatherThe Promises and Perils of Practices of the Self: Foucault, Freud and the Fate of Critique2002
Camfield, DavidClass, Politics and Social Change: The Remaking of the Working Class in 1940s Canada2002
Ferentzy, AlexGilles Deleuze and the Trajectory2002
Foster, Cecil A.Blackness and Canada: A Phenomenological Exploration2002
Kispal-Kovacs, JosephHollywood's Working Class: Class & Class Conflict in the Hollywood Cinema 1927-19412002
Varga. DarrellThe Performance of Space in Canadian Film2002
Arrowsmith, DouglasTechniques of Self-Mastery: Montainge, Shakespeare, and Freud2001
Burman, JennyEconomies of Nostalgia and Yearning: Travelling the Route Between Toronto and Jamaica2001
Driver, SusanQueering Material Desires Through Dialogical Relations of Experience2001
Heftler, VictoriaJust History? An Argument for Critical Cosmopolitan Histories of Harm2001
Ironston–Catterall, PenelopeCrisis, Trauma, and Testimony: the Work of Mourning in the 'Age of AIDS'2001
Simon-Aaron, CharlesClass Ideology and African Political Theory2001
Arevalo, Marco Vinico Haroldo FonsecaThe Language of Human Rights in the Guatemalan Transition to Democracy2000
Boyd, StephenRethinking Market Society: Delineating the Historical Specificity of Capitalism2000
Ferentzy, Peter L.The Addiction Concept: How the Language of Sin was Replaced by that of Disease2000
Fisher, CaitlinBuilding Feminist Theory: a Hypertextual Heuristics2000
Hennesy, NiamhHistory, Space, and Language in the Work of Habermas and Bakhtin2000
Lynn, Marion M.The Process of Marital Disillusion/Dissolution2000
Ramses, Veronique TomaszewskiAesthetic Heaven and Artistic Hell: An Intellectual Journey2000
Schafer, ScottResisting Ethics2000
Soron, DennisEconomic Fatalism and Popular-Democratic Struggle2000
Black, David J.Wiring Birmingham: Cultural Studies, Romanticism, and the New Media1999
Cosgrave, James ForbesIdentity, Particularity, and Value: Interpretive Conflict and the Collective Representation of Culture1999
Druick, ZoeNarratives of Citizenship: Governmentality and the National Film Board of Canada1999
Indart, Rafael T.Karl Popper's Philosophy of Social Science and the Problem of Tyrrany1999
Lord, SusanSublime Machines: Time, Technology, and the Female Body of Ocular Modernity1999
Ouellet, EricManagement Consultants: A Sociology of Seduction1999
Bradley, Dale A.Unfolding a Strategic Space: a Discursive Analysis of Cyberspace's Power Relations1998
Canefe, NegrisSovereign Utopias: Civilizational Boundaries of Greek and Turkish Nationhood (1821-1923)1998
Duncan, John CameronNature, History and Critical Theory1998
McCarron, GaryAnimals as Moral Others: Obligation in the Context of Animal Emancipation1998
Mills, Megan StuartEthnic Myth and Ethnic Survival — The Case of India's Anglo-Indian (Eurasian) Minority1998
Ramsay, Christine ElizabethMasculinity and Processes of Intersubjectivity in the Films of David Cronenberg1998
Salem-Wiseman, JonathanBeyond the Artist-God? Mimesis, Aesthetic Autonomy, and the Project of Philosophical Modernity in Kant, Nietzsche and Heidegger1998
Steuter, ErinIdentifying Ideology: Media Representations of the Irving Oil Refinery Strike 1994-19961998
Banks, Timothy MarkOf Passions and Souls: Contemplating Willing, Ethics and Aids1997
Carter, Stephen JohnImplied Subjects: The Cultural Subject's Narrative Mediation of the Other1997
Dufresne, Todd RaymondBeyond Beyond: Tales From the Freudian Crypt1997
Gillespie, James LoranArt and Spectacle: The Dialectics of the Virtual Interface1997
Kulak, Avron PaulOrigin and Critique: Reading Nietzsche's On The Genealogy of Morals1997
Matthews, Edward J.Hegel's Theory of the Modern Family and its Relation to Gender: Nature, Culture and the Anthropology of Power Relations1997
Mookerjea, SourayanRecreating Art: Fetishes of Time: "Race" and Geopolitical Difference1997
Ferguson, John RobertWhat Sustains Sustainability? An Examination of Economic Visions of Sustainability1996
Fielding, Helen AnneBeyond the Surface: Towards a Feminist Phenomenology of the Body-As-Depth1996
Fountas, EmilyThe Body Without Organs or the Body As Flesh:1996
Free, George HectorSociological Reflection: A Study in the Social History of the Sociology of Knowledge1996
Ghisalberti, GiosueMetaphysics of Finitude1996
Morse, Michael WilliamThe Tune in Jazz as a Social Process — Prolegomena to a Sociology of Music1996
Ruhl, P. LealleWriting Human Reproduction Today: Liberalism and its Critics1996
Taylor, Derek HedleyEcstatic Limits: On the Defense of Phenomenology1996
Wynn, H. FrancineThe Early Mother-Infant Relationship: Holding and Being Held1996
Cocker, Brian StephenIn the Event of the Future: From the Theory of Time to the Politics of Duration1995
Duchesne, RicardoAll Contraries Confounded: Historical Materialism and the Transition-To-Capitalism Debate1995
Higgens, Delwyn MaeMonuments/Memory/Meditation: The Rational Architecture of Postwar Italy1995
Kellman, Tila LandonFiguring Redemption: Enframing the Subject in Selected Work of Michael Snow1995
Malszecki, Gregory Maurice"He Shoots! He Scores!" Metaphors of War in Sport and the Political Linguistics of Virility1995
Simmons, Deborah LeeAgainst Capital: The Political Economy of Aboriginal Resistance in Canada1995
Sinha, Amresh KumarMemory, Mimesis, Film: Readings in Benjamin, Adorno and Kluge1995
Wickens–Feldman, RenateElizabeth Rigby Eastlake's Theory of Photography as the Containment of Communications Technology: A Hermeneutic Reading1995
Markotic, LorraineSome are Born Pothumously: The Theoretical Writings of Lou Andreas-Salome1994
Patroni, VivianaThe Long March To Neoliberalism: Crisis, Change, and the History of Development in Mexico and Argentina1994
Jowett, DonnaFeminist Pedagogy in the Face of the Other: Emanuel Levinas and the Hermeneutics and Ethics of Emancipatory Knowledge1993
Larrea, CarlosThe Mirage of Development: Oil, Employment, and Poverty in Ecuador (1972-1990)1993
Longfellow, BrendaEccentric Subjcets: Feminist Film Theory and its Others1993
Weir, Allison ElizabethSelf-Identity and the Discourse of Repression: Feminist Theories of the Subject1993
Wellen, RichardDilemmas in Liberal Democratic Thought Since Max Weber1993
Conklin, William E.The Language of Authority1992
Enwerem, Iheanyi M.The Politicization of Religion in Modern Nigeria: The Emergence and Politics of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)1992
Flaherty, Peter A.Psychoanalytic Histories: Freud's Writings in Their Contexts of Production and Reception1992
Genosko, Gary AlanBar Games: Baudrillard's Encounters With the Sign1992
Havers, GrantPhilosophy and Psychoanalysis: A Critical Study of Spinoza and Freud1992
Hearne, DanaThe Development of Irish Feminist Thought: A Critical Historical Analysis of the Irish Citizen, 1912-19201992
Kemple, Thomas M.Ruptures in Reason, Melodrama, The Market, and Marx's Grundrsisse1992
Koch, RobertScience and Right: Critical Legitimation in Kant and Hegel1992
Lehnerer, MelodyeBecoming Involved: Field Research at a Halfway House for Ex-Offenders1992
Lippe, RichardCukor, Women and the Melodrama: Close Readings of Four Films1992
Marchessault, JanineThe Moving Image in the Aura of Science: Identity, Technology, History1992
Michie, Michael HughFrom Moral Philosophy to Social Economy: The Conservatism of Sir Archibald Alison1992
Miles, Geoffrey AlanGravida-Gradiva: Pregnancy and Death-Work in Freud's Pompeiian Fantasy1992
Pinter, J. StevenH.A. Innis, M.M. Bakhtin and Trends in Canadian Policy Reporting1992
Spiteri, Anthony DomenicThe Poor Ye Will Have With You Always? From an Analysis of the Concept of Ideology to an Investigation of Faith that Does Justice1992
Gismondi, Michael A.Religion and Revolution in Nicaragua: An Historical Perspective1991
Jacobowitz, Florence S.Critical Realism: The Sternberg/Dietrich Collaborations1991
Kompridis, NikolasReconstructing Aesthetic Theory: Between Habermas and Adorno1991
Moore, Carol JaneThe Maternal Imago: A Psychoanalytic-Feminist Study of Unconscious Representations of the Mother and their Role in WomenÕs Complicity in their Own Oppression1991
Sawchuck, Kimberly AnneMarketing Technology and the Body: A Foucauldian Report on Consumer Culture1991
Baker, Langton G.La Bette Philosophe: French Nietzsche Reception1990
Plaats, Robert Glenn VanderCapitalist Development and the State: England & the Netherlands, 1500-18001990
Root, DeborahRegimes of Inscription: Cultural Difference and the Spanish Conquest of Mexico1990
Alia, ValerieToward a Politics of Naming1989
Coston, NevinThe Politics of Plenitude: A Panegyric To Participatory Democracy in an Age of Technology1989
Danzig, Samuel2BV-2B: Towards a Uniphont Economy of Egalitarian Overletters1989
Duncan, Colin Adrien MackinleyThe Centrality of Agriculture: Between Humankind and the Rest of Nature1989
Elliot, Patricia MayPsychoanalytic Feminism: Toward a Critical Theory of the Gendered Subject1989
Gauther, Lorraine AngelineCiting/Siting Irigaray1989
Sorenson, John"An African Nightmare": Discourse on War and Famine in the Horn of Africa1989
Stokes, Kenneth MichaelToward Political Economy for the Epoch of the Noosphere1989
Taylor, Angus MacdonaldStructure and Agency in Marx's Theory of History1989
Shafer, John JacksonThe Repudiation of the Rights of Man in the Age of Revolution1988
Swanson, G. W.Conflicting Motifs in Max Weber's Theory of Modern Rationality with Special Reference to the Concept of Action1988
Danik, ClaudeMarx's Concept of Ground-Rent and Landowner Revenue: The Relation of Marx's Concept of Ground-Rent to the Historical Analysis of Landowner Revenue from the Production of Petroleum1987
Forsyth, ScottFrom Silver Screen to Red Flags: Marxism, Revolution and Popular Film1987
Mooers, Colin PeterState Formation and Economic Development in France and Germany: Absolutism to Capitalism1987
Morgan, BrendanPhilosophy as Memento Mori in Early Works by Walter Benjamin1987
Berland, JodyCultural Re/Percussions: The Social Production of Music Broadcasting in Canada1986
Lyons, Lawrence AlbertDiscourse Analysis, Social Theory and the Subject1986
Mcmillan, Robert LeeThe Study of Anthropology, 1931-1937, at Columbia University and the University of Chicago1986
Weir, LornaStudies in the Medicalization of Sexual Danger: Sexual Rule, Sexual Politics — 1830-19301986
Briskin, LindaTheorizing the Capitalist Family/Household System: A Marxist Feminist Contribution1985
Burston, DanielToward a Revised Freudo-Marxism: Labour, Sociability and the Origins of Patriarchy1985
Cohen, Marjorie GriffinThe Razor's Edge Invisible: Women, Markets and Economic Development in Ontario, 1900-19111985
Taylor, Patrick D.M.The Narrative of Liberation: Historical Consciousness in the Afro-Caribbean1985
Trumper, Ricardo SamuelDomination and Resistance: The Chilean Countryside 1541-18501985
Winslow, Edward GeorgeThe Philosophical and Psychological Presuppositions of KeynesÕs Economics1985
Comninel, George C.Historical Materialism and Bourgeois Revolution: Ideology and Interpretation of the French Revolution1983
Harvey, Irene ElizabethThe Economy of Differance1983
Lum, Janet M.Private Space and Public Order in Contemporary China1983
McNally, David JosephThe Political Economists and Agrarian Capitalism: A Reinterpretation of Classical Political Economy in Britain and France1983
Mills, Patricia JagentowiczWoman, Nature and Psyche: The Domination of Nature in the Tradition of Critical Theory1983
Nederman, Cary JosephState and Political Theory in France and England, 1250-1350: Marsiglio of Padua, William of Ockham and the Emergence of 'Natural' Traditions of Discourse in the Late Middle Ages1983
Singer, Brian Charles JosephState, Society and the Revolutionary Imaginary 1789-17941983
Boyd, TerrenceTruth and Its Expression: A Study of Soren Kierkegaard's Existence-Communication1982
Daniels, David AllenTheories of Peasant Society: A Critical Study1982
Levine, Ellen GreengrossPsychoanalysis and Symbolism: The Space Between Self and World1982
Valverde, MarianaFrench Romantic Socialism and the Critique of Political Economy1981
Vise, Gerald HarrisBiography and the Interpretation of Music1981
Wolfe, Sandra MerleA Psychoanalytic Theory of Artistic Creativity1981
Angus, Ian H.Technique and Enlightenment: Limits of Instrumental Reason in the Life-World1980
Meiksins, Peter F.The Social Origins of White Collar Work: A Study of the Evolution of Capitalist Social Structure1980
Mendelson, JackMethodological Foundations of the Social Sciences: The Problem of Explanation and Understanding1980
Morrow, JohnIdealism and Socialism in Britain 1880-19201980
Wolin, Richard B.An Aesthetic of Redemption: A Study in the Philosophical Criticism of Walter Benjamin1980
Hornosty, Jennie MaryThe Contemporary Marxist-Christian Dialogue: A Study in the Political Economy of Religion with Special Reference to Quebec1979
Stamiris, Yiannis EmmanuelTheories of Literature: (A Critique Towards a Dialectical Critical Enterprise)1979
Walker, Charles TerrenceThe Thought of R.G. Collingwood: Tradition as Tradition Overcome1979