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SPTH appointed faculty members and research interests/publications (please note that this list is currently being updated)

Full Members


Abdel-Shehid, Gamal

Gamel Abdel-Shehid
Ph.D. (York), Associate Professor (Arts)

Research Interests: Sport and social inequality, colonialism, decolonization and the psyche.

Select Publications:

  • Out of Left Field: Sport Inequality and Culture (with Nathan Kalman-Lamb) Toronto: Between the Lines, 2009.
  • Who Da’ Man: Black Masculinities and Sport in Canada. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press, 2005.

Grad Courses taught: Frantz Fanon

Contact: gamal@yorku.ca | 327B  Bethune College | 416 736 2100 x 22367

Agathangelou, Anna

Anna Agathangelou

Research Interests: International Relations, Governance, International Feminist Political Economy, Science and Technology Studies, Feminist/Postocolonial/Decolonial Thought; Time and Temporality in World Politics; Poetics of Decolonization; Reconstruction Post-Conflict; Financial Crisis; Contemporary Critical Security Studies; Race and Racism; EU and peripheral regional powers (i.e., Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, MENA region).

Professor Agathangelou teaches in the areas of international relations and women and politics. Some of her areas of expertise are in global politics, international feminist political economy and feminist/postcolonial and decolonial thought. She is the co-director of Global Change Institute, Cyprus and was a visiting fellow in the Program of Science, Technology and Society at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard (2014-2015). She is currently involved on two multinational SSHRC partnership research projects focusing on sexual violence and human security, global governance, and biotechnology. She has researched ethnic conflict in Cyprus, as well as reconstruction in post-conflict societies with a focus on sexual violence, displaced peoples and the missing.

Select Publications:

  • Time, Temporality and Violence in International Relations: (De) Fatalizing the Present, Forging Radical Alternatives, (co-editor with Kyle D. Killian), Series, Interventions, 2016
  • Arab Revolutions and World Transformations (co-editor with Nevzat Soguk). Series, Rethinking Globalizations, Routledge. Paperback (2014).
  • World Politics From Empire to Multiple Worlds (co-authored with L.H.M. Ling). New York and London: Routledge. 2009
  • The Global Political Economy of Sex: Desire, Violence, and Insecurity in Mediterranean Nation States. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004, 226 pages.

Contact: agathang@yorku.ca | S653 Ross | 416 736 2100 x 88840

Albo, Gregory

Gregory Albo

Professor Albo’s research interests are the political economy of contemporary capitalism, labour market policies in Canada, and democratization. He teaches courses on the foundations of political economy, Canadian political economy, alternatives to capitalism, and democratic administration.

Contact: albo@york.ca | S642 Ross | (416) 736-5265 Ext: 88833 | Website: www.yorku.ca/albo/

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Bell, Shannon

Shannon Bell
BA (Winnipeg), MA, PhD (York), Professor (Political Science)

Research interests: Speed theory, fast feminism, sexual politics, post contemporary theory, cyber politics, violent philosophy.

Select Publications:

  • Reading, Writing and Rewriting the Prostitute Body (Indiana University Press 1994; Japanese trans.2000)
  • Whore Carnival (Autonomedia/Semiotext 1995)
  • Bad Attitude/s on Trial [co-authored with Brenda Cossman, Lise Gotell, and Becki Ross] (University of Toronto Press, 1997)
  • Fast Feminism (Autonomedia/Semiotext 2010).

Grad Courses Taught: The Politics of Aesthetics, Thinking Power and Violence

Contact: shanbell@yorku.ca | S644 Ross | 416 736 2100 x 88826 | Website: www.arts.yorku.ca/politics/shanbell/

Berland, Jody

Jody Berland
Ph.D. (York), Professor (Arts)

Research Interests: Culture, modernity, spatiality, environment. Posthumanism, interdisciplinary animal studies, digital cultures.
Sound, technology, media, history. Technology and cultural theory. Cultural studies and popular culture Culture, borders, militarization.  Canadian cultural studies.

Select Publications:

  • North of Empire: Essays on the Cultural Technologies of Space. Durham: Duke University Press, 2009.
  • “Animal And/as Medium: Symbolic Work in Communicative Regimes.” Global South, Vol 1 No 3, Spring 2009, 42-65. Journal article.
  • “The Politics of the Exasperated: Arts and Culture in Canada.” ESC: English Studies in Canada, Vol, 33 No 3, 2009, 24-30. Journal article
  • Communicating Animals: Desire and Damage in Digital Regimes. Global South (in press) Fall 2008.
  • “Cat and Mouse: Iconographies of Nature and Desire,” Cultural Studies, Vol. 22 No 2, Spring 2008.
  • “Spatial Narratives in the Canadian Imaginary,” New Formations: A Journal of Culture/Theory Politics. No. 57: Space and Text, 2005/6, 39-55.

Grad Courses Taught: Culture and Modernity, Culture and Technology

Contact: jberland@yorku.ca | 232 Vanier | 416 736 2100 x 77393 | Website: www.arts.yorku.ca/huma/jberland/

Boon, Marcus

Marcus Boon

MA, PhD (New York), Associate Professor (English)

Research Interests: Contemporary literature, cultural studies and theory, popular and experimental music, religion and culture, theories of consciousness.

Select Publications:

  • In Praise of Copying. Harvard University Press, 2010
  • The Road of Excess: A history of writers on drugs. Harvard University Press, 2002.

Contact: mboon@yorku.ca | 347 Stong | 416 736 2100 x 40675 | Website: marcusboon.com/about | www.arts.yorku.ca/english/people/faculty/MarcusBoon.html

Breaugh, Martin

Martin Breaugh
B.A. (University of Ottawa), M.A. (University of Ottawa), D.E.A. (Université de Paris VII – Denis-Diderot), Ph.D. (Université de Paris VII – Denis-Diderot), Assistant Professor (Political Science).

B.A. (University of Ottawa), M.A. (University of Ottawa), D.E.A. (Université de Paris VII – Denis-Diderot), Ph.D. (Université de Paris VII – Denis-Diderot), Assistant Professor (Political Science).

Research Interests: History of Political Thought, Political Freedom and Emancipation, Contemporary French Political Theory, Democratic Theory, Plebeian Politics.

Contact: mbreaugh@yorku.ca | S652 Ross | 416 736 2100 x 30080 | Website: www.yorku.ca/laps/pols/MartinBreaugh.html

Britzman, Deborah

Deborah Britzman
BA, M.Ed, EdD, University of Massachusetts, Distinguished Research Professor (Education).

Research Interests: Psychoanalysis: Theory, clinical practice, and history of; Controversies in curriculum theory; critical theory and literary studies; psychology of teaching and learning

Select Publications:

  • Britzman, D. (2009). The Very Thought of Education: Psychoanalysis and the Impossible Professions. Albany: State University of New York Press.
  • Britzman, D. (2006). Novel Education: Psychoanalytic Studies of Learning and Not Learning.NY: Peter Lang Press.
  • Britzman, D. (2003). After-Education: Anna Freud, Melanie Klein and Psychoanalytic Histories of Learning. Albany: State University of New York Press.
  • Britzman, D. (2003). Practice Makes Practice: A Critical Study of Learning to Teach, Revised Edition. Albany: State University of New York Press.

Grad Courses Taught: Psychoanalytic Theory and Pedagogy, Pedagogy and Social Difference

Contact: britzman@edu.yorku.ca | 229 Winters |
416-736-2100 x 88793 | Website: edu.apps01.yorku.ca/profiles/main/britzman-deborah/1

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Canefe, Nergis

Nergis Canefe
BA, MA, PhD (York), Associate Professor (Political Science).

Dr. Canefe a scholar trained in the fields of Political Philosophy, Forced Migration Studies and International Public Law with special focus on Human Rights. She has over twenty years of experience in carrying out in-depth qualitative research with displaced communities and teaching human rights globally. Her research experience includes working with the Muslim and Jewish Diasporas in Europe and North America, refugees and displaced peoples in Turkey, Cyprus, India, Uganda, South Africa, Bosnia and Colombia. She also worked as the Associate Director of Center for Refugee Studies, York University between 2008-2013 and oversaw the educational programs and certificate/diploma requirements of the Center. In the field of legal studies, she is specialized in international criminal and public law, with particular emphasis on crimes against humanity and accountability for atrocities committed by states against their own peoples and critical approaches to transitional justice. Dr. Canefe joined York University in 2003 and has been a full-time faculty member regularly teaching at departments of Political Science, Social and Political Thought, Socio-Legal Studies, Public Policy, Administration and Law at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Prior to joining York, she worked at London School of Economics, UK and Bilgi University and Bogazici University, Turkey as a faculty member.

In the field of social and political theory, Dr. Canefe published widely in the following areas: theories of nationalism in the global south, organized violence, mass murder, societal amnesia, forced migration and post-colonial state formations in the Middle East, Muslim and Jewish diasporas in the West, and, minority rights in the West. She has done extensive fieldwork on the role of political violence and forced migration in post-imperial nation-state formation and capital accumulation in the Middle East. Her research has been funded by international and Canadian organizations. She also regularly conducts some of her human rights, minority rights and refugee rights related work on a pro bono basis. She acted as an expert witness and public lecturer on subjects related to forced migration, diasporas in exile, minority rights and genocide in international and Canadian media, Canadian courts, and Canadian and Turkish public service. She has over 50 scholarly articles and four books, Transitional Justice and Forced Migration (edited volume, under contract with Cambridge University Press) The Jewish Diaspora as a Paradigm: Politics, Religion and Belonging (edited volume, 2014, Libra Press –Jewish Studies Series), Milliyetcilik, Kimlik ve Aidiyet (sole author, 2006, Nationalism, Identity and Belonging], Istanbul: Bilgi University Publishing House), and Turkey and European Integration: Accession Prospects and Issues (2004, edited volume in collaboration with Mehmet Ugur, Jean Monnet Professor at University of Greenwich.  London and New York: Routledge). Her scholarly articles appeared in Nations and Nationalism, Citizenship Studies, New Perspectives, Refugee Watch, Refuge, South East European Studies, Peace Review, Middle Eastern Law and Governance, and, Narrative Politics.

Grad Courses Taught: The Politics of Utopia, Diasporas, The Making of the Middle East

Contact: ncanefe@osgoode.yorku.ca | 137 McLaughlin | 416 736 5265, 416 732 2100 x 20994 |

Cavanagh, Sheila

Sheila Cavanagh
BA, BEd, PhD, (York); MA, (Toronto—OISE)

Research Interests: Gender Issues, Culture and Cultural Studies, Queer Theory, Psychoanalytic Theory, Trans* Studies, Performance Ethnography

Contact: sheila@yorku.ca | 322 Founders | 416-736-2100 ext. 22336 | Website: www.yorku.ca/sheila | Secondary Website: people.laps.yorku.ca/sheila

Cauchi, Mark

Mark Cauchi
MA, PhD, (York)

Research Interests: continental philosophy (Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Benjamin, Heidegger, Levinas, Derrida, Foucault); social and political theory; critical religious and secular studies; film studies; aesthetics.

Select Publications:

  • (ed.) Immanent Frames: Postsecular Cinema between Malick and von Trier (SUNY 2018)
  • “The Death of God and the Genesis of Worldhood in Melancholia” in Immanent Frames (2018);
  • “What’s More? An Answer to the Question, ‘Is this all there is?’? in Is This All There Is (eds. Nancy Levene and Courtney Bender in Immanent Frame Blog: https://tif.ssrc.org/category/is-this-all-there-is/)
  • “Otherwise than Laïcité: Toward an Agonistic Secularism in Levinas” in Levinas Studies, vol. 10, 2016;
  • “The Insistence of Religion in Philosophy: An Interview with John D. Caputo” in Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy, 2016;
  • “Unconditioned by the Other: Agency and Alterity in Kant and Levinas” in Idealistic Studies, 45: 2, 2015;
  • “Creation and the Critique of Capitalism in Marx, Nancy, and Zizek” in Political Theology 2011;

Contact: mcauchi@yorku.ca | 033 McLaughlin | 416-736-2100 ext. 77558 | Website: profiles.laps.yorku.ca/profiles/mcauchi/

Chrostowska, S.D.

Sylvia Chrostowska

Research: Dr. Chrostowska's research falls into three areas: (1) genres of discourse (historiography, criticism, utopia), (2) modes of experience (radical-political action, creativity, mortality, masochism, affective-reflective states of melancholy and nostalgia), and (3) topics in the philosophy of history and aesthetics.

Contact: sylwiac@yorku.ca | 307A Founders | 416-736-2100 ext 20955 |

Colaguori, Claudio

Claudio Colaguori

Research Interests: Violence, Symbolic Violence, Human Rights, Equity, Youth, Gangs, Criminology, Sociological Theory.

Contact: claudioc@yorku.ca | 328 Atkinson | 416-736-2100 ext 44009 | Website: people.laps.yorku.ca/claudioc

Comninel, George

George Comninel
BA (Cornell), MA, PhD (York), Associate Professor (Political Science)

Research Interests: Political theory in historical and social context, politics, ideology and class in the French revolution, Marxist theory, revolutions and revolutionary theories, theories of historical state formation and economic development

Select Publications:

  • Rethinking the French Revolution: Marxism and the Revisionist Challenge, (London: Verso Books, 1987).
  • “Historical Materialist Sociology and Revolutions.” In Gerard Delanty and Engin Isin, (eds.), Handbook of Historical Sociology, London: Sage, 2003.
  • “Revolution in History: The Communist Manifesto in Context.” In Douglas Moggach and Paul Leduc Browne (eds.), The Revolutions of 1848: A Contested Legacy, Ottawa: University of Ottawa, 2000.
  • “Marx’s Context.” History of Political Thought, vol. XXI, n. 3, Autumn 2000.
    “English Feudalism and the Origins of Capitalism.” Journal of Peasant Studies, vol. 27, n. 4, July 2000.

Grad Courses Taught: Theory and Practice of the State in Historical Perspective

Contact: comminel@yorku.ca | Ross S669 | 416 732 2100 x 20266 or x 33197 | Website: www.arts.yorku.ca/politics/comninel/

Creet, Julia

Julia Creet
BA, MA, PhD (Santa Cruz), Associate Professor (English)

Research Interests: Women’s literature, historiography, questions of experimental prose, identity, autobiography, and silence.

Contact: creet@yorku.ca | 604 Atkinson | 416-736-5166 ext 30439 | Website: www.arts.yorku.ca/english/people/faculty/creet.html

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Di Paolantonio, Mario

Mario Di Paolantonio
BA, MA, PhD (University of Toronto)
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Historical-memory; ethics; contemporary continental thought; aesthetics and commemoration; critical theory; post-dictatorship memory of the Southern Cone; philosophy of education.

Select Publications:

  • * Di Paolantonio, M. (2016). Remembering, Forgetting, Learning. FEATURED ARTICLE . (Natasha Levinson, Ed.) Philosophy of Education Yearbook 2016, Forthcoming.
  • * Di Paolantonio, M. (2016). The Cruel Optimism of Education.  Journal of Philosophy of Education, 50 (2, Special 50th Anniversary Issue ), 147-159.
  • * Di Paolantonio, M. (2015). Roger Simon as a Thinker of the Remnants: An Overview of a Way of Thinking the Present, Our Present…” Studies in Philosophy and Education, 34 (3), 263-277.
  • * Di Paolantonio, M. (2015). Un pensador de los restos. Dossier Experiencia, Memoria y Formación. Horizontes Sociológicos, 3 (5), 24-35.
  • * Di Paolantonio, M. (2011). Interrupting Commemoration. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 32 (5), 745-760.
  • * Bell V. and Di Paolantonio M. (2009). The Haunted Nomos: Activist-Artists and the Impossible Politics of Memory.  Cultural Politics, 5 (2), 148-178.

Contact: mariogdi@yorku.ca | 211 Winters | 416-736-2100 ext. 88616 | Website: edu.yorku.ca/edu-profiles/index.php?mid=521266

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El Khachab, Walid

Walid El Khachab
MA (University of Cairo), PhD (University of Montreal), Professor (Department of Language, Literatures and Linguistics)

Select Publications:

  • El Khachab, Walid, (editor), The Figure of the Prophet and Prophetic Figures.  London:  Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012
  • "Mohamad au Cinema" la destruction des idoles dans un media iconodule, in Olga Hazan & JAcques Lavoie (eds). Le prophete Mohammad entre le mot et l'image.  Fides. Montreal. pp. 65-94.

Contact: walid@yorku.ca | S531 Ross | 416-736-2100, ext 88746 | Website: profiles.laps.yorku.ca/profiles/walid/

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Goldie, Terry

Terry Goldie
BA (Sask), MA (Carleton), PhD (Queen’s), Professor (English).

Research Interests: Canadian and postcolonial literatures, with particular interest in gay studies, literary theory and drama.

Select Publications:

  • Queersexlife: Autobiographical Notes on Sexuality, Gender and Identity (Arsenal Pulp, 2008).
  • Pink Snow: Homotextual Possibilities in Canadian Fiction (Broadview 2003).
  • Fear and Temptation: The Image of Indigene in Canadian Australian and New Zealand Literatures (McGill- Queen’s, 1989).

Contact: tgoldie@yorku.ca | 351 Strong | 416-736-2100 ext 22146 | Website: www.arts.yorku.ca/english/people/faculty/goldie.html

Gorman, Rachel

Rachel Gorman
BA, Queens, 1996, Certificate of Adult Education, OISE, 1998, MA, OISE, University of Toronto, PhD, OISE, University of Toronto, 2005.

Research Interests:  Disability, madness, and the ‘affective turn’ in social theory; liberal rights discourse and neoliberal governance; transnational narratives of disability, disability and labour, Identity, Marxist-feminist  Educational research, War, Diaspora, Refugee Women’s Issues, Feminist Theory,

Contact: Gorman@yorku.ca | 407 HNES | 416-736-2100, ext 30523 |

Goulding, Jay

Jay Goulding
Ph.D. (York) Assistant Professor (Atkinson)

Research Interests: Specializes in the social and political philosophies of ancient and contemporary China and Japan including Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Shinto. He is interested in how these ancient philosophies manifest through popular culture today. The hermeneutic quest for truth alongside the phenomenological bracketing of specific life-worlds act as guiding philosophical groundings for exploring the portal between ancient and contemporary societies and between “Eastern” and “Western” civilizations. Concentrates particularly on the intersections among Laozi, Zhuangzi, Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty.

Select Publications:

  • Goulding, J. 2008 China-West Interculture,Toward the Philosophy of World Integration: Essays on Wu Kuang-ming’s Thinking for The Association of Chinese Philosophers in America (ACPA) Series on Chinese and Comparative Philosophy, New York: Global Scholarly Publications 336 pgs.
  • Goulding, J. 2008 “Cheng Chung-ying’s Onto-cosmology: Chinese Philosophy and Hermeneutic Phenomenology” Ch. 8 pp. 135-155 in Ng On-cho (ed.) The Imperative of Understanding: Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, and Onto-Hermeneutics: A Tribute Volume Dedicated to Professor Chung-ying Cheng New York: Global Scholarly Publications.
    Goulding, J. 2008 “Wu Kuang-ming and Maurice Merleau-Ponty: Daoism and Phenomenology” Ch. 10 pp. 183-206 in Jay Goulding (ed.) China-West Interculture: Toward the Philosophy of World Integration New York: Global Scholarly Publications.
  • Goulding, J. 2008 “Hwa Yol Jung’s Daoist Phenomenology” International Journal for Field-Being vol. 6, #1 (2007), pp. 1-18.
  • Goulding, J. 2008 China-West Interculture,Toward the Philosophy of World Integration: Essays on Wu Kuang-ming’s Thinking for The Association of Chinese Philosophers in America (ACPA) Series on Chinese and Comparative Philosophy, New York: Global Scholarly Publications 336 pgs.
  • Goulding, J. 2008 “Hwa Yol Jung’s Daoist Phenomenology” International Journal for Field-Being vol. 6, #1 (2007), pp. 1-18.

Grad Courses Taught: Existential Phenomenology: East Asian Influences, Heidegger’s Hermeneutic Phenomenology

Contact: jay@yorku.ca | S739 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 20236 | Website: profiles.laps.yorku.ca/profiles/jay/

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Hadj-Moussa, Ratiba

Ratiba Hadj-Moussa
Ph.D. (Laval) Associate Professor (Sociology)

Research Interests: Public space and new media in North Africa, Diaspora, identity, film studies, Memory, history and process of reconciliation, culture and representation, the Mediterranean.

Select Publications:

  • 2005 M. Peressini and R. Hadj-Moussa (Eds.), The Mediterranean Rediscovered, Ottawa-Hull, Canadian Museum of Civilizations, 172 pages.
  • 2009 “Beyond the Borders: Which Arab Public for Which Public Sphere ?”, in Public Sphere: Texts and Contexts, L. Touaif, S. Boutkhil (dir.) Cambridge University Press, (soumis en décembre 2007, 16 pages).
  • 2008 "The Undecidable and the Irreversible: Satellite Television in the Algerian Public Arena", Electronics Elsewhere, Ch. Berry, L. Spigel and K. Soyoung (Eds.), Under Press at the U. of Minnesota Press. ( accepté , 30 pages).
  • 2008 This article is under pressand will published with major addition in Publics, Politics and Participation: Locating the Public Sphere in the Middle East and North Africa, S. Shami (dir.), New York, Social Sciences Research Council.
  • 2006 "Drifted Liberties and Diffracted Identities? Algerian Audiences and the "Parabola'", Globalization, Cultural Identities, and Media Representations, N. Vittinghof and S. Kramer (dir.), Albany, State University of New York Press: 181-206.
  • 2004 "Arab Women: Beyond Politics", Blackwell Companion to Gender Studies, Ph. Essed, D. Grossberg, A. Kobayashi (Eds.), London, Blackwell: 279-289.
  • 2003 Reprint of "Diasporas: Ethnies sans frontières et sans politique?".Retours de l’utopie. Recompositions des espaces et mutations du politique, P.-W. Boudreault (Ed.), Quebec, Presses de l’Université Laval: 105-120.

Contact: rhm@yorku.ca | 2101 Vari Hall | 416-736-2100 ext 77989 | Website: www.yorku.ca/gradcmct/profiles/faculty/Hadj.html | www.arts.yorku.ca/soci/facstaff/people/hadjmoussa.html

Haig-Brown, E. Celia

Celia Haig-Brown
BA, MA, PhD (UBC), Professor (Education)

Research Interests: Adult and community education, critical ethnography, (de) colonizing research and practice, collaborative knowledge production, critical/feminist pedagogy and protocol for work between First Nations and universities.

Select Publications:

  • March 2006 “Protocol for Work between Aboriginal Communities and Universities “ Paper prepared for the Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting at part of the sessions Bridging Ethnography, Theory and Practice: in honour of Elvi Whittaker as a Mentor and a Colleague. Vancouver, BC.
  • May 2005 "A Pedagogy of the Land" Paper prepared for the conference Redesigning Pedagogy: Research, Policy and Practice. Presented as part of a panel Devolving Educational Responsibility: Leadership, community-referenced pedagogy and social justice. Singapore.
  • April 2005 "When the Tide is Right:" Protocol in First Nations Graduate Education. Paper prepared for the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting as part of the session entitled When Curriculum Research Serves Decolonization. Montreal, Quebec.
  • May 2004 "Knowing When the Tide is Right:" Protocol in First Nations Graduate Education. Part of a panel When Research Serves Decolonization for joint SOCINET/CAFÉ session. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Contact: haigbro@edu.yorku.ca | S867 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 88786 | Website: www.yorku.ca/haigbro/

Haque, Eve

Eve Haque
PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics; Equity Studies)

Research Interests: multiculturalism and im/migration; white settler nationalism/colonialism, Canadian studies; critical race studies; language policy, ethnolinguistic nationalism and critical applied linguistics.

Select Publications:

  • Haque, E. (2012). ‘Multiculturalism within a Bilingual Framework’: Language, Race, and Belonging in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • Haque, E. (2010).  Homegrown, Muslim and Other: Tolerance, Secularism and the Limits of Multiculturalism. Social Identities, 16(1)79-101.

Graduate Courses Taught: Multiculturalism, Race and Colonialism in Canada; Language and Social Thought; Language, Culture and Ideology; Languages in Contact; Language Policy and Planning

Contact: ehaque@yorku.ca | S534 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 20764

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Idahosa, Pablo

Pablo Idahosa
Phd (Toronto), Professor (Social Science)

Research Interests: African studies, displacement and ethnicity in the Niger Delta, Somalia diaspora, African Marxism, politics of AIDS in Africa, development ethics.

Grad Courses Taught: Conceptual Foundations for Development

Contact: pidahosa@yorku.ca | 314 Founders | 416-736-2100 ext 66939 | Website: www.yorku.ca/laps/sosc/pablo_idahosa.html

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Jacobs, Lesley

Lesley Jacobs
BA, MA, DPhil (Oxford), Professor (Philosophy, Political Science, Law)

Research Interests: Comparative public policy, modern political and social philosophy (especially ideas of social justice, rights, equality, and democracy), socio-legal studies, health care ethics and policy.

Select Publications:

  • The Globalization of Public Health Policy on the Asia Pacific Rim: Domestic Policy Dialogue with International Law and Institutions (New York: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)
  • Pursuing Equal Opportunities (New York: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Studies in Philosophy & Public Policy,
  • Co-Editor (with Sarah Biddulph), International Human Rights Issues in the Asia Pacific: New Perspectives on Social Rights (Vancouver BC: University of British Columbia Press, forthcoming) 2004) Pp. xiv & 280.

Contact: jacobs@yorku.ca |

James, Carl

Carl James
PhD (York), Professor

Research Interests: A former youth leader and community worker, he has extensive experience with critical ethnography, phenomenology, action research and government and institutional policy analysis. Dr. James is widely recognized for his work in ethnically and racially diverse communities and for his role, nationally and internationally, in research around equity and identity as related to race, class, gender, racialization, immigration and citizenship.
Basic Fields of Interest: Sociology of Education; Youth Studies; Equity Studies; Caribbean Studies; Race and Ethnic Relations.
Current Research Interests: 1. Schooling and the educational achievement of marginalized students in urban contexts. 2. Second generation immigrant experiences. 3. Experiences of Caribbeans in Canada.

Contact: cjames@edu.yorku.ca | 3153 TEL | 416-736-2100 ext 20279 | Website: edu.yorku.ca/edu-profiles/index.php?mid=2196 |

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Kempadoo, Kamala

Kamala Kempadoo
MA (Ohio), PhD (Colorado-Boulder), Professor (Social Science).

Research Interests: Transnational feminisms, Caribbean social studies, global sex work and prostitution studies, gender, culture and development, sexuality, human trafficking and international labour migrations, critical race and ethnic studies, women’s agency and social change.

Select Publications:

  • Kempadoo, Kamala with Jyoti Sanghera and Bandana Pattanaik, eds. Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered: New Perspectives on Migration, Sex Work, and Human Rights. Boulder: Paradigm Publishers, 2005 (second edition in progress).
  • Kempadoo Kamala. Sexing the Caribbean: Gender, Race and Sexual Labour . New York; Routledge, 2004.
  • Kempadoo, Kamala ed. Sun, Sex and Gold: Tourism and Sex Work in the Caribbean. Boulder, Colo: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. 1999.
  • Kempadoo, Kamala and Jo Doezema, eds. Global Sex Workers: Rights, Resistance and Redefinition. New York: Routledge. 1998.
  • “Caribbean Sexuality: Mapping the Field” Caribbean Review of Gender Studies Issue 3 (Nov 2009). Open access online journal: sta.uwi.edu/crgs/november2009/journals/Kempadoo.pdf
    (previously published in Oso:Tijdschrift voor Surinamistiek en het Caraïbisch Gebied (Journal for Surinamese and Caribbean Studies, KLTV Leiden) Vol 27: no 1 (April 2008): 28-51)
  • “The War on Human Trafficking in the Caribbean” Race and Class Vol. 49. no 2 ( 2007):79-84.
  • “Mudando o debate sobre o tráfico de mulheres” (Shifting the Debate on the Traffic of Women) “Cadernos Pagu (Journal of the Centre for Gender Studies, UNICAMP, Brazil) Vol. 25,( 2005): 55-78.
  • “Sexuality in the Caribbean: Theory and Research” (with an emphasis on the Anglophone Caribbean)” Social and Economic Studies (University of the West Indies,- Jamaica ) Vol. 52.no 3 (September 2003): 59-88.
  • “Free-lancers, Temporary Wives and Beachboys: Researching Sex Work in the Caribbean” Feminist Review No. 67 (Spring 2001): 39-63

Grad Courses Taught: Black Revolutionary Thought, Caribbean Feminist Thought, “Third-World,” Postcolonial and ‘Other’ Feminisms.

Contact: kempadoo@yorku.ca | N703 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 66940 |

Kulak, Avron

Avron Kulak
BA, MA, PhD (York SPT), Associate Professor (Humanities)

Research Interests: Philosophical and Religious Values in European Thought: Plato, The Bible, Descartes Spinoza, Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Derrida

Select Publications:

  • “Kierkegaard, Derrida, and the Context of Context(s),” in Philosophy and Theology, Volume 17, Numbers 1 and 2, 2005, pp. 133-155 (Note: despite the publication date of 2005, Philosophy and Theology Volume 17, Numbers 1 and 2, appeared in the spring of 2007. My article was submitted in the winter of 2006 and accepted in early 2007.)
  • “Derrida and Kierkegaard: Thinking the Fall,” in The European Legacy, Volume 6, No. 1, 2001, pp. 305-318
  • “Descartes and the Infinity of the Other,” in European Culture in a Changing World: Between Nationalism and Globalism, Edited by Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe, Cambridge Scholars Press, Amersham, 2004, pp. 140-151
  • “Divine and Graven Images: The Contemporaneity of Theory and the Bible,” in Difference In Philosophy of Religion, Edited by Philip Goodchild, Ashgate Publications, Burlington, 2003, pp. 33-44
  • “Between Biblical Religion and Deconstruction: The Possibility of Repetition,” in Religion With/out Religion, Edited by James Olthuis, Routledge Press, London, 2002, pp. 96-109

Grad Courses Taught: Ethics and Interpreation: Readings in European Thought

Contact: akulak@yorku.ca | 219 Vanier | 416-736-2100 ext 66987 | Website: www.yorku.ca/akevents/laps/huma/HUMAfacultyProfile.asp?id=989 |

Kurasawa, Fuyuki

Fuyuki Kurasawa
Ph.D. (La Trobe), Associate Professor (Sociology)

Research Interests: Classical and contemporary theory; cultural studies; political sociology; political economy. Current research projects include global justice and human rights; critical theory and cross-cultural interpretation; Canadian identity; cultural materialism.

Select Publications:

  • Intersections and Interventions: Canadian Essays in Cultural Materialism. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, approx. 230 pages (expected publication date: 2010).
  • (2007) The Work of Global Justice: Human Rights as Practices. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 239 pages.
  • (2004) The Ethnological Imagination: A Cross-Cultural Critique of Modernity. Minneapolis and London: University of Minnesota Press, 249 pages.
  • (1998) Co-editor, Imagined Places: The Politics of Making Space. Melbourne: School of Sociology, Politics and Anthropology, La Trobe University (with C. Houston and A. Watson).

Grad Courses Taught: Theories of Cosmopolitanism, Theorizing Modernity

Contact: kurasawa@yorku.ca | 2088 Vari Hall | 416-736-2100 x 77990 | Website: www.yorku.ca/kurasawa/Fuyuki |

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Latham, Robert

Robert Latham
PhD (New School), Associate Professor (Political Science and Director of the York Center for International and Security Studies).

Research Interests: political economy, borders, sovereignty, politics of new media, critical theory and violence, civil society, transnational politics, governance, intervention // Anarchism, spatial politics, democracy, political ecology, knowledge, post-nationality, temporality, materialism, mediality, international sociology and IR, imperialism and empire, state theory; collective action, human rights and international law; culture and conflict, global politics; world order, liberalism.

Select Publications:

Select Graduate Classes Taught: Power and Violence from Nietzsche to Agamben

Contact: rlatham1@yorku.ca | 373 York Lanes | 416-736-2100 ext 46011 | Website: yorku.academia.edu/RobertLatham |

Leps, Marie-Christine

Marie-Christine Leps
BA, MA, PhD (McGill), Associate Professor (English).

Research Interests: Nineteenth century discourse in England and France, the Information Age and issues of gender, race and power-knowledge relations, forms of governance in 20th century writings, Foucault on governmentality, modernist and postmodernist novels and films.

Select Publications:

  • Apprehending the Criminal: The Production of Deviance in Nineteenth Century Discourse (1992(.

Grad Courses Taught: Studies in Contemporary Literary and Cultural Theory

Contact: mcleps@aol.com | 316 Calumet | 416-736-2100 ext 22145 |

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Maley, Terry

Terry Maley
MA, (York); PhD, (Toronto)

Research: Radical democracy/democratic thought, History of Political Thought and Modern and contemporary political theory, continental thought, Critical theory, 20th Century Marxism, state theory and the modern state, Marx, Max Weber, Sheldon Wolin. Global and Canadian political economy, fiscal politics and participatory budgeting, neoliberalism and citizenship.

Contact: maley@yorku.ca | S635 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 44523 | Websites: people.laps.yorku.ca/tmaley | www.yorku.ca/gradpols/faculty/maley.html |

Marchessault, Janine

Janine Marchessault
BA (Concordia), MFA, PhD (York), Associate Professor (Film Studies).

Research Interests: Cities and architecture, cinema and media studies, science and technology, feminist theory, health cultures. Professor Marchessault is Canada Research Chair in Art, Digital Media and Globalization and irector of the Visible City Project and Archive, a project that examines new practices of media art in a variety of urban contexts.

Select Publications:

  • Marshall McLuhan: Cosmic Media (Sage Publications, 2005)
  • Co-editor of Fluid Screens, Expanded Cinema (University of Toronto Press, 2007)
  • Wild Science: Reading Feminism, Medicine and the Media (Routledge, 2000)
  • Gendering the Nation: Canadian Women’s Cinema (University of Toronto Press, 1999)

Contact: jmarches@yorku.ca | 3019 TEL | 416-736-2100 ext 33485 | Website: www.yorku.ca/finearts/faculty/profs/marche.htm |

Martin, Aryn

Aryn Martin
PhD (Cornell), Associate Professor

Basic Fields of Interest: Sociology of Science, Technology and Medicine; Feminist Theory; Sex and Gender.
Current Research Interests: 1. Biology and identity. 2. Pregnancy. 3. Social history of anatomy. 4. Head trauma, concussions, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, sports and violence. 5. Sex and gender.

Contact: aryn@yorku.ca | Curriculum Vitae |
2150 Vari Hall | 416-736-2100 ext 77985 | Website: people.laps.yorku.ca/aryn |

McCullough, John

John McCullough
BAdmin (Regina), PhD (York), Associate Professor (Film).

Research Interests: Critical theory, film and television labour, post-colonial theory, spatial theory, cognitive mapping, First Nations in media culture.

Select Publications:

  • 2009: Co-editor, Locating Migrating Media, Ed. Charles Davis, Greg Elmer, Janine Marchessault, and John McCullough. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, forthcoming).
    1998: Co-editor and "Introduction," John Porter’s Film Activity Book, Ed. John McCullough and Tom Taylor. (Toronto, ON: Pleasure Dome).
  • 2009: "Saskatchewan Television Labour and Jurisdictional Advantage," Locating Migrating Media, Ed. Charles Davis, Greg Elmer, Janine Marchessault, and John McCullough. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, forthcoming).
  • 2008: "Imperialism, Regionalism, Humanism: Gullages, Trailer Park Boys and Representations of Canadian Space in Global Hollywood," Rain / Drizzle / Fog: Essays on Atlantic Canadian Film and Television, Ed. Darrell Varga. (Calgary, AB: University of Calgary Press), 151-169.
  • 2008: "Representations of Urban Conflict in Moccasin Flats," Programming Reality: Perspectives on English-Canadian Television. Ed. Zoë Druick and Patsy Kotsopoulos. (Waterloo, ON: Wilfred Laurier University Press), 229-246.
  • 2007: "The Dialectics of Canadian Film Labour: Technology, Globalization, Nation," Fluid Screens: Time, Digital Aesthetics and the Cultures of Everyday Life, Ed. Susan Lord and Janine Marchessault. (Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press), 239-257.
  • 2006: "Rude and the Representation of Class Relations in Canadian Film," Working on Screen: Representations of the Working Class in Canadian Cinema. Ed. Malek Khouri and Darrell Varga (Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press), 246-267.

Contact: johnmccu@yorku.ca | CFT 217 | 416-736-2100 ext 22183 | Website: www.yorku.ca/finearts/faculty/profs/mccullough.htm |

McMurtry, John Justin

John Justin McMurtry
PhD (York SPT), Associate Professor (Social Science).

Research Interests: Alternative economics, Social Economy, Theories of Co-operation, Critical and Social Theory, Social Movements, Anarchist Theory and Practice

Contact: jmcmurtr@yorku.ca | S763 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 33378 | Website: www.yorku.ca/laps/sosc/buso/faculty.html |

Mongia, Radhika

Radhika Mongia
Ph.D. (Illinois) Assistant Professor (Arts)

Research Interests: Feminist, Marxist and Postcolonial Theory, Political and Historical Sociology, Study of "Transnational" and "Global" Processes, Migration Studies, Colonial genealogies of the modern state, Feminist and postcolonial theory.

Contact: rmongia@yorku.ca | 2080 Vari Hall | 416 736-2100 ext 66406 |

Mortimer-Sandilands, Catriona

Catriona Mortimer-Sandilands
BA (Victoria), MA, PhD (York), Professor and Canada Research Chair in Sustainability and Culture (Environmental Studies)

Research Interests: Environmental Cultural Studies, environmental literary criticism and cultural theory, ecopolitical theory and public culture, including performance, environmental history, queer ecologies, ecological feminisms

Select Publications:

  • In progress This Is For You: PublicWalks with Jane Rule. Proposal to be submitted to the University of British Columbia Press (two chapters drafted).
  • 2002 “This Land Has Called Forth from You Your Strength as a Lesbian”: A Separatist Ecology? (Toronto: Institute for Women’s Studies and Gender Studies, University of Toronto, Research Monograph #5). 50 pp.
    1999 The Good-Natured Feminist: Ecofeminism and the Quest for Democracy (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press). 245 pp.
  • 2010 “Thinking Ecology in Fragments: Walter Benjamin and the Dialectics of (Seeing) Nature,” in Brenda Iijima and Evelyn Reilly (eds.), eco (lang)(uage(reader)), (Brooklyn, NY: Portable Press).
  • 2008 “’I Still Need the Revolution’: Cultivating Ecofeminist Readers,” in Laird Christensen, Mark C. Long and Fred Waage (eds.), Teaching North American Environmental Literature (New York: Modern Languages Association of America), pp. 58-71.
  • 2008 “Finding Emily,” in Alan MacEachern and William Turkel (eds.), Method and Meaning in Canadian Environmental History (Toronto: Thomson Nelson), pp. 158-180.
  • 2008 “Landscape, Memory and Forgetting: Thinking Through (My Mother’s) Bodies and Places,” in Stacy Alaimo and Susan Hekman (eds.), Material Feminisms, (Bloomington: Indiana University Press), pp. 344-373.
  • 2006 “’The Geology Recognizes No Boundaries’: Shifting Borders in Waterton Lakes National Park,” in Sterling Evans (ed.), The Borderlands of the American and Canadian Wests: Essays on the Regional History of the 49th Parallel (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press), pp. 309-333.

Grad Courses Taught: Writing (and) Environment, Bodies and Landscapes, Culture and Environment, Environmental Studies in Postmodernity, Interdisciplinary Social Analysis, Nature and Environment in Western Thought

Contact: essandi@yorku.ca | HNES 251 | 416-736-2100 ext 70178 | Website: www.yorku.ca/fes/faculty/fulltime/profiles/MortimerSandilandsCatriona.ht | Y-file article on my work |

Murdocca, Carmela

Carmela Murdocca
Ph.D. (Toronto) Assistant Professor (Arts)

Research Interests: Colonialism, Race, Racism; Socio-legal Studies; Criminal Justice; Law, Nationalism/Multiculturalism; Feminist/Postcolonial/Critical Race Theories; Historical Injustice.

Select Publications:

  • Murdocca, C. "'There is Something in that Water:’ Race, Nationalism and Legal Violence," Law and Social Inquiry 35, 2 (2010): 369-402.
  • Murdocca, C. “From Incarceration to Restoration: National Responsibility, Gender and the Production of Difference,” Social and Legal Studies 18, 1 (2009): 23-45.
  • Murdocca, C., “Pursuing National Responsibility in a post-9/11 World: Seeking Asylum in Canada for Gender Persecution” Not Born A Refugee Woman: Contesting Identities, Rethinking Practices, Maroussia Hajdukowski-Ahmed, Nazilla Khanlou and Helene Moussa, eds. Oxford and New York: Berghahn Books and Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, 2008, 254-263.
  • Murdocca, C., “The Racial Profile: Governing Race through Knowledge Production,” Canadian Journal of Law and Society 19, 1 (2005): 153-167.
  • Murdocca, C., “When Ebola came to Canada: Race and the making of the respectable body,” Atlantis: A Women’s Studies Journal, 27, 2 (2003): 24-31.
  • Murdocca, C. “National Responsibility and Systemic Racism in Criminal Sentencing: The Case of R. v. Hamilton,” in The Place of Justice, Nicholas Blomley and Sean Robertson, eds. Vancouver: Fernwood Publishing, 2006, 67-92.
  • Murdocca, C., “Her Home.ca: Feminist Postings Online” in Turbo Chicks: Talking Young Feminism, Lisa Byrn Rundle, Lara Karain, eds. Toronto: Sumach Press, 2001, 213-220.

Grad Courses Taught: Colonialism, Race and the Law: Sociological Implications

Contact: murdocca@yorku.ca | 2155 Vari Hall | 416-736-2100 ext 60308 | Website: http://www.yorku.ca/laps/soci/facstaff/people/murdocca.html |

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Nitzan, Jonathan

Jonathan Nitzan
PhD (McGill), Associate Professor (Political Science).

Research Interests: Critical political economy, capital and power, global finance, capitalism and militarism, Middle East, Israel, political economy of military spending.

Select Publications:

  • Bichler, Shimshon and Nitzan, Jonathan. Capital as Power: Toward a New Cosmology of Capitalism (2010). May. pp. 1-23. (Mimeograph; English).

Contact: nitzan@yorku.ca | S650 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 88822 | Website: www.yorku.ca/nitzan/ | bnarchives.yorku.ca |

Noble, Bobby

Bobby Noble
BA, MA, (Alberta); PhD, (York)

Research Interests: research focuses on sexuality, gender, anti-racist whiteness, and popular culture through feminist cultural studies. In particular, his work looks at the intersections of masculinity, embodiment, and sexuality in the fields of transsexual / transgender studies, queer theory and cultural studies.

Contact: bnoble@yorku.ca | 132 Founders | 416-736-2100 ext 20897 | Website: profiles.laps.yorku.ca/profiles/bnoble/ | Secondary Website: www.yorku.ca/bnoble/ |

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Oikwa, Mona

Mona Oikwa
B.A. (York), M.A., PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor (Social Science)

Research Interests: Critical race studies, gender, and cultural studies. She is currently researching Japanese Canadians' relationship to colonialism in Canada, the historical construction of relational racial formations in Canada, and coalition building between racialized communities in Canada. She also conducts research on the Internment of Japanese Canadians.

Select Publications:

  • Cartographies of Violence: Women, Memory, and the Subject(s) of the "Internment." (Forthcoming, University of Toronto Press).
  • Resist!: Essays Against a Homophobic Culture. (Ed.) with Dionne Falconer and Ann Decter. Toronto: Women's Press, 1994.
  • Out Rage. (Ed.) with Dionne Falconer, Rosamund Elwin, and Ann Decter. Toronto: Women's Press, 1993.
  • All Names Spoken. (with Tamai Kobayashi). Toronto: Sister Vision Press, 1992.
  • "Dis-Orienting the Gaze: Re-viewing Images of Japanese Canadian Women in Internment Narratives." Canadian Journal of Communication. (In revision.)
  • "Connecting the Internment of Japanese Canadians to the Colonization of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada." Aboriginal Connections to Race, Environment and Traditions, edited by R. Riewe and J. Oakes, 17-26. Winnipeg: Aboriginal Issues Press, University of Manitoba, 2006.
  • "Cartographies of Violence: Women, Memory and the Subject(s) of the 'Internment.'" Canadian Journal of Law and Society 15, 2 (December 2000): 39-69. Reprinted in Race, Space and the Law: Unmapping a White Settler Society, edited by Sherene H. Razack, 72-98, 268-272. Toronto: Between the Lines, 2002.

Contact: oikawa@yorku.ca | 442 Atkinson | 416-736-2100 x 44014 | Website: profiles.laps.yorku.ca/profiles/oikawa/ |

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Peacock, Mark

Mark Peacock
BA, MA (Sussex), PhD (Cambridge), Associate Professor (Social Science).

Research Interests: Philosophical and methodological issues in economics; origins and development of money; key thinkers: Aristotle, Hobbes, Marx, Keynes, Hayek, Amartya Sen; ethics and economics

Select Publications:

  • ‘Starvation and Social Class: Amartya Sen on markets and famines’, Review of Political Economy, forthcoming 2009/10.
  • ‘Path-dependence in the production of scientific knowledge’, Social Epistemology vol. 23 (2), 2009, pp. 105-124.
  • ‘Transforming economics into what? Heterodox economics and critical realism’, Cambridge Journal of Economics vol. 32 (2), 2008, pp. 219-233.
  • ‘The conceptual construction of altruism: Ernst Fehr’s experimental approach to human conduct’, Philosophy of the Social Sciences vol. 37 (1), 2007, pp. 3-23.
  • ‘The moral economy of parallel currencies: an analysis of local exchange trading systems’, American Journal of Economics and Sociology vol. 65 (5), 2006, pp. 1059-1083.
  • ‘Rationality and the language of decision making: activating Searle’s “Background” in economic theory’, International Journal of Social Economics, vol. 33 (9), 2006, pp. 604-614.
  • ‘The origins of money in Ancient Greece: the political economy of coinage and exchange’, Cambridge Journal of Economics vol. 30 (4), 2006, pp. 637-650.
  • (with Peter Schaber and Michael Schefczyk) ‘The indispensability of motives: thoughts on Fehr and altruism’, Analyse & Kritik 27 (1), 2005, pp. 188-196.
  • ‘Rationality in Leviathan: Hobbes and his game-theoretic admirers’, European Journal of the History of Economic Thought vol. 12 (2), 2005, pp. 191-213.
  • ‘No methodology without ontology: Reorienting economics’, Journal of Economic Methodology vol. 11 (3) 2004, pp. 313-319. 
11) ‘On political competition: democracy, opinion and responsibility’, Constitutional Political Economy vol. 15 (2), 2004, pp. 187-204.

Contact: mpeacock@yorku.ca | S767 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 33757 | Website: http://www.yorku.ca/mpeacock/ |

Persram, Nalini

Nalini Persram
MA (East Anglia), PhD (Aberystwyth, Wales), Professor (Social Science).

Research Interests: Postcolonialism, subjectivity and survival, feminism, Caribbean culture and resistance, international politcs, other sides of political theory.

Select Publications:

  • Sovereignty and Subjectivity, Jenny Edkins, Nalini Persram, Véronique Pin-Fat (eds) (Lynne Rienner, 1999).
  • “The Clash and 'Civilisation': Representation, Rhetoric and Popular Legitimacy,” co-authored with Francesco Cavatorta and Shiera El-Malik, in Lise Garon (ed.), Et puis vint le 11 septembre... Remise en question de l'hypothèse du choc des civilisations (Les Presses de l’Université Laval, 2003)
  • “wartimeviolence: pulping fictions of the subaltern,” in Vivienne Jabri and Eleanor O'Gorman (eds.), Women, Culture and International Relations (Lynne Rienner, 1999)
  • “In my father's house are many mansions: the nation and postcolonial desire,” Heidi Safia Mirza (ed.), Black British Feminism: A Reader (London: Routledge, 1997)
  • "Spatial and Temporal Dislocations of Theory, Subjectivity and Post()Reason in the Geopolitics of Subaltern Studies," Cultural Studies<->Critical Methodologies 10(5), 2010

Grad Courses Taught: Western Thought of Empire, Post-Orientalism and Post-Occidentalism

Contact: persramn@yorku.ca | 744 Kaneff Tower | 416-736-2100 ext 46012 | Website: www.arts.yorku.ca/sosc/persramn/profile.html |

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Redding, Arthur

Arthur Redding
BA, (Kenyon College); MA, (University of Texas at Dallas); PhD, (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Research Interests: Art Redding has written about various American literary and cultural figures, from Emma Goldman to Kathy Acker. Ghosts, memory, and ethnic identity in contemporary American literature and culture; Twentieth-century public intellectuals in America; Culture and politics of the Cold War; Anarchism and political violence

Contact: aredding@yorku.ca | 301F Stong | 416-736-2100 ext 22143 | Website: people.laps.yorku.ca/people.nsf/researcherprofile?readform&shortname=aredding |

Reed, Darryl

Darryl Reed
PhD (Southern California), Associate Professor (Social Sciences).

Research Interests: Business and society, corporate governance, community economic development, business ethics and development ethics.

Select Publications:

  • Co-operatives in a Global Economy: The Challenges of Co-operation across Borders (with J.J. McMurty) Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2009).
  • Corporate Governance, Economic Reforms and Development with Sanjoy Mukherjee. Delhi: Oxford University Press (2003).
  • “Analysing the Internationalization of Co-operatives”, in Darryl Reed and J.J. McMurtry, eds, Co-operatives in a Global Economy: The Challenges of Co-operating across Borders. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2009).
  • “Mondragon’s Response to the Challenges of Globalization: A Multi-localization Strategy”, (with Greg MacLeod) in Darryl Reed and J.J. McMurtry, eds, Co-operatives in a Global Economy: The Challenges of Co-operating across Borders. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2009).
  • “Fair Trade: A Model for International Co-operation Among Co-operatives?”, (with Erbin Crowell) in Darryl Reed and J.J. McMurtry, eds, Co-operatives in a Global Economy: The Challenges of Co-operating across Borders. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2009).
  • “Globalization and Co-operative Development: The Challenges of the Alternative Globalization Movement”, (with Ananya Mukherjee Reed) in Darryl Reed and J.J. McMurtry, eds, Co-operatives in a Global Economy: The Challenges of Co-operating across Borders. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2009).

Contact: dreed@yorku.ca | S764 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 77817 | Website: http://www.yorku.ca/dreed/ |

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Sharpe, Christina

Christina Sharpe
Ph.D (Cornell), MA (Cornell), Professor (LAPS)

Research Interests: Black Diaspora Literature, Theory, Culture;  Black Visual Culture

Select Publications:

  • The Work of Words: Dionne Brand, Christina Sharpe, and David Chariandy. The Capilano Review. April, 2018
  • In the Wake: On Blackness and Being (Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press). 2016 Finalist. Hurston/Wright Legacy Award
  • Monstrous Intimacies: Making Post-Slavery Subjects. (Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press), 2010

Grad Courses: Imagining Slavery & Freedom

Contact: cesharpe@yorku.ca | 217 Vanier | 416-736-2100 ext 33958 | Website: profiles.laps.yorku.ca/profiles/cesharpe/ |

Short, Nicola

Nicola Short
Associate Professor (Political Science)

Research Interests: political economy of inequity and difference in world affairs from the perspective of Gramscian political theory.

Select Publications:

  • 2007. The International Politics of Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Guatemala.

Contact: ncshort@yorku.ca | S640 Ross | Website: http://www.arts.yorku.ca/politics/ncshort/ |

Steigerwald, Joan

Joan Steigerwald
BA, MA (Manitoba), PhD (London), Associate Professor (Science and Technology Studies Program, Department of Humanities).

Research Interests: My research focuses upon the relationships between science, philosophy and aesthetics in the late Enlightenment and early Romantic periods, particularly in the German lands. I am currently exploring new approaches to the study of living organisms that developed at the end of the eighteenth century through new experimental practices, instruments of judgment and forms of figurative representation. My broader interests include the cultural contexts of science, the history of the life sciences and of environmental thought, German Idealism and Romanticism, visual and literary representations of nature, and the epistemology of experiment and technology.

Select Publications:

  • 2010 'Natural Purposes and the Reflecting Power of Judgment: The Problem of the Organism in Kant’s Critical Philosophy.' European Romantic Review 21:3 (2010): 291-308.
  • 2008 'Figuring Nature: Ritter’s Galvanic Inscriptions.' Bulletin De La Société D'Histoire et D'Epistémologie Des Sciences De la Vie 2 (2008): 291-308.
  • 2006 'Figuring Nature, Figuring the (Fe)male: The Frontispiece to Humboldt’s Ideas Towards a Geography of Plants.' Figuring it Out: Science, Gender and Visual Culture. Ed. A. Shteir and B. Lightman. N.p.: University Press of New England, 2006. 54-82.
  • 2006 'Kantian Teleology and the Biological Sciences.' Ed. Joan Steigerwald. Spec. Issue of Studies in History and Philosophy Of The Biological and Biomedical Sciences 37 (2006).
  • 2003 'The Dynamics of Reason and its Elusive Object in Kant, Fichte and Schelling.' Memorial Edition ofStudies in the History and Philosophy of Science 34.1 (2003): 111-34.
  • 2002 'Goethe’s Morphology: Urphänomene and Aesthetic Appraisal.' Journal of the History of Biology 35 (2002): 291-328.
  • 2002 'Epistemologies of Rupture: The Problem of Nature in Schelling’s Philosophy.' Studies in Romanticism41 (2002): 545-84.
  • 2000 'The Cultural Enframing of Nature: Environmental Histories in the German Romantic Period.'Environment and History 6 (2000): 451-96.

Graduate Courses Taught: Essays on the Philosophy of Freedom, Ends of Enlightenment, Representing Nature, Cultural and Historical Perspectives of Nature, Approaches to Environmental Studies

Contact: steiger@yorku.ca | 312 Bethune | 416-736-2100 ext 70417 | Website:www.yorku.ca/akevents/laps/huma/HUMAfacultyProfile.asp?id=975 |

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Teo, Thomas

Thomas Teo
Mag. rer. nat (Vienna), Dr. phil. (Vienna), Professor of Psychology

Research interests: Critical psychology, subjectivity and subjectivization, modernization of the mind, psychological knowledge and power, psychologization of society, consciousness and society, ideology, radical psychology, violence, postcolonial and indigenous psychology.

Select publications:

  • Walsh, R., Teo, T., & Baydala, A. (in press). A critical history and philosophy of psychology: Diversity of context, thought, and practice. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
  • Teo, T. (Ed.) (in press). Encyclopedia of critical psychology. New York: Springer
  • Teo, T. (2005). The critique of psychology: From Kant to postcolonial theory. New York: Springer.
  • Teo, T. (2013). Backlash against American psychology: An indigenous reconstruction of the history of German critical psychology. History of Psychology, 16(1), 1-18. doi: 10.1037/a0030286
  • Teo, T. (2011). Reconstructing the critique of ideology: A critical-hermeneutic and psychological outline. Annual Review of Critical Psychology, 9, 20-27.
  • Teo, T. (2011). Radical philosophical critique and critical thinking in psychology. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, 31(3), 193-199. doi: 10.1037/a0024708
  • Teo, T. (2011). Empirical race psychology and the hermeneutics of epistemological violence. Human Studies, 34, 237-255. doi: 10.1007/s10746-011-9179-8.
  • Teo, T. (2010). What is epistemological violence in the empirical social sciences? Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 4/5, 295-303. doi: 10.1111/j.1751-9004.2010.00265.x
  • Teo, T. (2010). Ontology and scientific explanation: Pluralism as an a priori condition of psychology. New Ideas in Psychology, 28, 235-243. doi: 10.1016/j.newideapsych.2009.09.017
  • Teo, T & Ball, L. (2009). Twin research, revisionism, and metahistory. History of the Human Sciences, 22, 1-23. doi:10.1177/0952695109345418
  • Teo, T. (2009). Psychology without Caucasians. Canadian Psychology, 50 (2), 91-97. doi:10.1037/a0014393

Contact: tteo@yorku.ca | 231 BSB | 416-736-2100 ext 40553 | Webpage: www.yorku.ca/tteo |

Thomas, Mark

Mark Thomas
Ph.D. (York), Assistant Professor (Arts)

Research Interests: Political economies of work and time in a global context, migrant labour, citizenship and labour rights, globalization and labour standards.

Select Publications:

  • Pupo, Norene, and Mark Thomas (eds.) (forthcoming) Interrogating the New Economy: Restructuring Work in the 21st Century. Toronto: Garamond Press. Expected Publication, 2009.
  • Thomas, Mark (forthcoming) “Regulating Labour Standards in the Global Economy: Emerging Forms of Global Governance”. In G. Teeple and S. McBride (eds.), Survey of Global Political Economy. Toronto: Broadview.
  • Thomas, Mark (forthcoming) “Neoliberalism, Racialization, and the Regulation of Employment Standards”. In S. Braedley and M. Luxton (eds.), Neoliberalism and Everyday Life. Kingston and Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press
  • Thomas, Mark (2009) Regulating Flexibility: The Political Economy of Employment Standards. Kingston & Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press.
  • Thomas, Mark (2008) “Labor Rights and Social Justice for Migrant Workers”. In R. Perrucci, K. Ferraro, J. Miller, and G.W. Muschert (eds.) Agenda for Social Justice: Solutions 2008. Knoxville, TN: Society for the Study of Social Problems, 8-15.
  • Thomas, Mark (2008) “Working Time and Labour Control in the Toyota Production System.” R. O’Brien (ed.) Solidarity First: Canadian Workers and Social Cohesion. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 86-105.
  • Thomas, Mark, and Steve Tufts (2007) “Introducing New Voices in Labour Studies in Canada.” Just Labour: A Canadian Journal of Work and Society. Vol. 11, 1-5.
  • Thomas, Mark, and Steve Tufts (eds.) (2007) New Voices in Labour Studies in Canada. Special Issue of Just Labour: A Canadian Journal of Work and Society.
  • Thomas, Mark (2007) “Toyotaism Meets the 60 Hour Work Week: Coercion, ‘Consent’ and the Regulation of Working Time.” Studies in Political Economy, Vol. 80: 105-28.
  • Thomas, Mark (2006) “Union Strategies to Re-Regulate Work Time”. Just Labour: A Canadian Journal of Work and Society. Vol. 9: 1-15.

Grad Courses Taught: Sociologies of Global Capitalism

Contact: mpthomas@yorku.ca | 2100 Vari Hall | 416-736-2100 ext 77992 | Website: http://www.yorku.ca/mpthomas/ |

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Visano, Livy

Livy Visano
Ph.D. (Toronto) Professor (Sociology, Social Sciences)

Research Interests: Law, culture and inequity with a focus on critical criminology, critical legal studies, cultural studies, youth, ethnographies and prostitution.

Select Publications:

  • 2008 Cultural Contradictions of Delinquency: Youth Gambling in Canada (with Reza Barmaki) Toronto: APF Press, 233 pp
  • 2006 What do they Know? Youth, Crime and Culture deSitter Toronto 378pp (two printings)
  • 2005 Law and Justice: A Critical Inquiry APF Press. Toronto (401pp).
  • 2007 “Adversarial Justice” in Gregg Barak (ed) Battleground: Criminal Justice Greenwood Publ .
  • 2007 "The Social in Justice as Social Injustice”. M. Jacobs (ed) Justice, Health and Culture Toronto: Thomson Nelson; reprinted in M. Jacobs (ed) Critical Readings In Health Toronto APF 2008.
  • 2006 Jeff Ferrell et al “Cultural Criminology Unleashed” , Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice. July, 48(4).[Invited]

Contact: lavisano@yorku.ca | 318 Atkinson | 416-736-5229 ext 66317 | Website: lavisano.info.yorku.ca/ |

Vosko, Leah

Leah Vosko
Ph.D. (York), Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) (Political Science)

Research Interests: Precarious employment, social assistance policy in comparative perspective, feminist political economy.

Select Publications:

  • Vosko, Leah F. (forthcoming). “Standard-Setting at the ILO: The Case of Precarious Employment,” in Kirton, John and Michael J. Trebilcock (eds.). Hard Choices, Soft Law: Combining Trade, Environment, and Social Cohesion in Global Governance. New York: Ashgate.
  • Stanford, Jim and Leah F. Vosko. (forthcoming). “Challenging the Market: The Struggle to Regulate Work and Income (Introduction).” in
  • Stanford, Jim and Leah F. Vosko. (eds). Challenging the Market: The Struggle to Regulate Work and Income. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s.
  • Fudge, Judy, Tucker, Eric and Leah F. Vosko. (forthcoming). “Changing Boundaries in Employment: Developing a New Platform for
  • Labour Law.” Canada Labour and Employment Law Journal.
  • Stanford, Jim and Leah F. Vosko. (eds) . (forthcoming) . Challenging the Market: The Struggle to Regulate Work and Income. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s.
  • Fudge, Judy, Eric Tucker and Leah F. Vosko. (2003) . “The Legal Concept of Employment: Marginalizing Workers.” Ottawa: The Law Commission of Canada.

Contact: lvosko@yorku.ca | 618 Kaneff Tower | 416-736-2100 ext 33157 | Website: profiles.laps.yorku.ca/profiles/lvosko/ |

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Wahab, Amar

Amar Wahab
PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor (School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies).

Research Interests: critical race studies, queer studies, gender and sexuality studies, studies on transnationalism and diaspora, and Caribbean Studies.

Select Publications:

  • Wahab, A. (2016). ‘Calling ‘Homophobia’ into Place (Jamaica): Homo/trans/nationalism in the Stop Murder Music Campaign.’ Interventions: Journal of Postcolonial Studies, Vol. 18, No. 6: 908-928.
  • Wahab, A. (2016). ‘Homosexuality/Homophobia is un/African?: Un/Mapping Transnational Discourses in the context of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill/Act.’ Journal of Homosexuality, Vol. 63, No. 5: 685-718.
  • Wahab, A. (2015). ‘Unveiling Fetishnationalism: Bidding for Citizenship in Queer Times.’ In Suzanne Lenon and OmiSoore Dryden (eds.), Disturbing Queer Inclusion: Canadian Homonationalisms and the Politics of Belonging. Vancouver, BC.: University of British Columbia Press.

Graduate Courses Taught: Race, Transnationalism, Diaspora; Critical Approaches to ‘Race’ and Racism.

Contact: awahab@yorku.ca | 206B Founders | 416-736-2100 ext 20904 |

Weir, Lorna

Lorna Weir
BA (McGill), MA, PhD, Professor (Sociology, York) 

Research Interests: biopolitics, technology and the proper (with an empirical focus on the integration of security into public health and the life sciences); the theory of the gift in relation to  the political; Foucault in social theory

Select Publications:

  • “Esposito and the Maussian Theory of the Gift.” Angelaki 4(1) (2013) “Inventing Global Public Health Security,” in Simon Rushton and Jeremy Youde eds., The Routledge Handbook of Health Security. (London: Routledge, forthcoming 2014) “A Genealogy of Global Health Security.”International Political Sociology  6 (2) (2012) Weir, Lorna and Eric Mykhalovskiy, Global Public Health Vigilance: Creating a World on Alert. (New York: Routledge, 2010) With Brian Singer, “Sovereignty, Governance and the Political,” Thesis Eleven, No. 94 (August 2008)
  • “The Concept of Truth Regime,” Canadian Journal of Sociology 33 (2) (2008)
  • With Brian Singer, “Politics and Sovereign Power: Considerations on Foucault,” European Journal of Social Theory  9 (4) (2006)
  • Pregnancy, Risk and Biopolitics: On the Threshold of the Living Subject. (London and New York: Routledge, 2006)

Contact: lweir@yorku.ca | 310 Founders | 416-736-2100 ext 33198 |

White, Kimberley

Kimberley White
Bsc (York), MA, PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor (Law and Society).

Research Interests: Cultural and institutional representations of 'madness' and 'the mad'; politics of identity and difference; law as narrative; legal/moral responsibility; the production and conditions of socio-legal knowledge; mental health law and public policy; and 'dangerous' art.

Contact: kjwhite@yorku.ca | S734 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 20546 |

Winslow, Edward

Edward Winslow
BA (Saskachewan), MA (Toronot), PhD (York), Professor (Social Sciences)

Research Interests: Phenomenology, psychoanalysis and political economy, economics of Marx and Keynes.

Contact: winslow@yorku.ca | S776 Ross | 416 736 5054 ext 77819 |

Wood, Lesley

Lesley Wood

Research interests

  • Diffusion
  • protest policing
  • direct action tactics
  • Dynamics in Transnational Social Movements
  • Historically
  • World Festival of Youth and Students
  • Global Networks
  • Today
  • World Social Forum
  • Global Days of Action
  • Global Networks

Contact: ljwood@yorku.ca | 2067 Vari Hall | 416-736-2100 ext 77988 | Website: www.yorku.ca/ljwood/research.htm |

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Yon, Daniel

Daniel Yon
B.Ed (Bristol), MA, PhD (York), Associate Professor (Education).

Research Interests: school ethnography; race, racism, critical multiculturalism and anti-racism; postcolonial theory, diasporas, cosmopolitanism, transnationalism, identity; ethnographic film.

Select Publications:

  • Yon, D.A. (2003). Educational Ethnography: key themes and highlights. Annual Review of Antrhopology. Palo Alto, CA: Annual Reviews Inc.
  • Yon, D.A. (2000). Elusive culture. Albany: SUNY Press.
  • Yon, D.A. (2000). Urban Portraits of Youth: On the problem of knowing culture and identity in intercultural studies. Journal of Intercultural Studies.

Grad Courses Taught: Race, Culture and Schooling, Discourses of Race/Racist Discourse

Contact: dyon@edu.yorku.ca | 268 Winters | 416-736-2100 ext 88806 | Website: edu.apps01.yorku.ca/profiles/main/yon-dan |

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Associate Members

Alnasseri, Sabah

Sabah Alnasseri

Research Interests: Middle East Politics and Economy, Theory of Regulation, Marxist State Theory

Contact: alnaseri@yorku.ca | S627 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 30089 | Website: profiles.laps.yorku.ca/profiles/alnaseri/ |

Armstrong, Pat

Pat Armstrong
B.A., (Toronto); M.A., Ph.D., (Carleton)

Research Interests: health care and health policy; women and work; feminist political economy

Contact: patarmst@yorku.ca | 2118 Vari Hall | 416-736-2100 ext 22550 | Website: people.laps.yorku.ca/patarmst |

Brushwood-Rose, Chloe

Chloe Brushwood-Rose
Research Interests: themes of gender, representation, and object relations through practices of multimedia storytelling and autobiography, theories of aesthetic experience, psychoanalytic theories of learning, and curriculum theories.

Contact: brushwood-rose@edu.yorku.ca | 207 Winters | Website: cbr.blog.yorku.ca/ |

Das, Raju

Raju Das
BA, (Utkal University); MA, (University of Delhi); MPhil, (Part 1), (University of Delhi); MA, (University of Akron); PhD (Ohio State)

Research Interests: Economic development and its geographical unevenness; Conditions of the Working class; Poverty; Agrarian change, and (agro-) globalization, Developmental policies of the state; radical social movements; social capital (critique);, Theoretical work on class, the state, and capitalist development under imperialism; space-society relations; the notion of critique

Contact: rajudas@yorku.ca | S411 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 22450 | Website: people.laps.yorku.ca/rajudas |

Forsyth, James Scott

James Forsyth
B.A. (Trent University), M.A. (York University), Ph.D. (York University), Associate Professor (Political Science, Film).

Research Interests: Marxist cultural theory, media and political activism, Hollywood and contemporary imperialism, film history.

Contact: sforsyth@yorku.ca | 204 Centre for Film and Theater | 416-736-2100 ext 20272 |

Hirji, Zulfikar

Zulfikar Hirji

Research Interests: Muslim societies in a range of historical and contemporary contexts. He is particularly concerned with the diverse ways in which Muslims express and articulate issues of deep human concern as well as matters of daily life.
Keywords: Muslim societies; production and performance of identity; roles of art, artists and cultural workers in making social change; socio-legal formation of communal identity; family networks and inter-generational migration; South Asian Diaspora

Contact: zhirji@yorku.ca | 2054C Vari Hall | 416-736-2100 ext 40142 | Websites: people.laps.yorku.ca/zhirji | www.yorku.ca/zhirji/ | ycar.apps01.yorku.ca/people/zulfikar-hirji/ |

Grinspun, Ricardo

Ricardo Grinspun
PhD (Michigan), Associate Professor (Economics), Fellow (CERLAC)

Research Interests: Development and international trade, hemispheric integration and globalization in the Americas.

Contact: Ricardo@yorku.ca | 240 York Lanes | 416-736-2100 ext 77049 |

Jacobs, Merle

Merle Jacobs
BA, MA, PhD, (York)

Research: Employment equity for racial minorities and aboriginal people: including Social Justice, Setup and Backlash, Nursing and collegiality Vicarious trauma when working in helping professions; race as a category Burmese refugees in Toronto: Trauma in ethnic women, social justice and human rights, relocation, and ties with Burma/ related activist groups in Canada

Contact: merlej@yorku.ca | 426 Atkinson | 416-736-2100 ext 44012 | Websites: www.merleajacobs.com | people.laps.yorku.ca/merlej |

Kernerman, Gerald

Gerald Kernerman
BA (Toronto), MA (UBC), PhD (York), Professor (Political Science).

Research Interests: Refugee and migration studies, nationalism, multiculturalism, social and political thought, contemporary political theory, law and society, public policy, Canadian politics.

Contact: geraldk@yorku.ca | 327 York Lanes | 416-736-2100 ext 20551 |

Longfellow, Brenda

Brenda Longfellow
BA, MA (Carleton), PhD (York), Professor (Film and Video)

Research Interests: Critical, historical and theoretical studies, feminist film theory and Canadian cinema

Contact: brendal@yorku.ca | 212 Centre of Film and Theatre | 416-736-2100 ext 22167 | Website: http://www.yorku.ca/finearts/faculty/profs/longfellow.htm |

Luxton, Meg

Meg Luxton
Ph.D. (Toronto) Professor (Women’s Studies)

Research Interests: Women and Gender Studies, feminist and Marxist Theory, paid and unpaid work and related social policies, history of the women’s movement

Select Publications:

  • With Susan Braedley (editors) Neoliberalism and Everyday Life Montreal-Kingston: McGill-Queens University Press, April 2010.
  • With Wendy Robbins, Margrit Eichler, Francine Descarriers Minds of Our Own: Inventing Feminist Scholarship in Canada and Quebec ,1966-1976 Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier Press. 2008
  • With Kate Bezanson (editors) Social Reproduction: Feminist Political Economy Challenges Neo-liberalism Montreal-Kingston: McGill-Queens University Press, 2006
  • With June Corman Getting By In Hard Times: Gendered Labour at Home and on the Job Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2001
    Feminism and Families: Critical Policies and Changing Practices Halifax: Fernwood, 1997

Grad Courses Taught: The History and Development of Feminist Theory

Contact: mluxton@yorku.ca | 206D Founders | 416-736-2100 ext 20933 | Website

Michasiw, Kim

Kim Michasiw
BA, MA, PhD (Toronto), Professor (English).

Research Interests: Psychoanalytic theory and aesthetic theory, eighteenth and nineteenth century poetry and prose fiction with a particular focus on the Gothic.

Contact: michasiw@yorku.ca | S307 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 33997 | Website: profiles.laps.yorku.ca/profiles/michasiw/ |

Nijhawan, Shobna

Shobna Nijhawan
MA, (University of Heidelberg); PhD, (UC-Berkeley)

Research: Hindi periodicals of the early twentieth century, Hindi women’s writings of the early twentieth century and their role in shaping a Hindi public, how women's and girls' periodicals became a medium for elite and middle-class women to think in new idioms and express themselves collectively in a period of social transition, political emancipation and emerging nationalist-feminist thought.

Transnational feminism, South-South encounters (Burma, Fiji, Japan, China. India, Korea, Malaya, Singapore and Vietnam.
Hindi book publishing in twentieth-century colonial North India.

Contact: shobna@yorku.ca | S579 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 88725 | Website: www.yorku.ca/shobna/ |

Plekhanov, Sergei

Sergei Plekhanov
PhD (USSR), Associate Professor (Political Science).

Research Interests: Post-communist transition issues, Russian politics and foreign policy, post-Cold War international relations in Eurasia.

Select Publications:

  • Co-editor, with Domenico Mazzeo: Russia: The Challenge of Change. Toronto: University of Toronto Press (forthcoming)
  • Co-editor, with Harvey Simmons: Is Fascism History? Selected papers presented at the conference held at York University 28-29 October 1999. Toronto: Centre for International and Security Studies, York University, 2001
  • Co-author and co-editor, with John Logue and John Simmons: Transforming Russian Enterprises: From State Control to Worker Ownership. Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group, 1995
  • “Can Russia Change?”, in: Domenico Mazzeo, Sergei Plekhanov (ed.). Russia: The Challenge of Change. Toronto: University of Toronto Press (forthcoming)
  • “Organized Crime, Business, and the Russian State”, in: Felia Allum, Renate Siebert (ed.). Organized Crime and the Challenge to Democracy. New York and London: Routledge, 2003
  • “Market Geopolitics: Continuity and Change in Russian Foreign Policy”, in: Lenard Cohen, Brian Job, Alexander Moens (ed.). Foreign Policy Realignment in the Age of Terror. Toronto: The Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies, 2003

“Civil-Military Relations in Post-Soviet Russia: Rebuilding the “Battle Order”?” (with David Betz), in: Natalie Mychajlyszyn, Harald von Riekhoff (ed.) The Evolution of Civil-Military Relations in East-Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union. Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group, 2003

Grad Courses Taught: Russia in World Affairs, The Russian Evolution

Contact: splekhan@yorku.ca | 745 Kaneff Tower | 416-736-2100 ext 46013 | Website: http://www.yorku.ca/splekhan/ |

Sanders, Leslie

Leslie Sanders
PhD, (Toronto)

Research: African American and Black Canadian Literature and Culture, Literatures of The African Diaspora. She has published extensively on Langston Hughes, as well as Black Canadian writers as Austin Clarke, Dionne Brand, Nourbese Philip, Claire Harris, George Elliot Clarke, Maxine Tynes and Djanet Sears.

Contact: leslie@yorku.ca | 706 Atkinson | 416-736-2100 ext 66604 |

Shore, Marlene

Marlene Shore
BA (Toronto), MA (UBC), PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor (History).

Research Interests: 19th and 20th century North American intellectual and cultural history, history of the behavioural sciences, history of modernism, historiography, the discipline of history and the marketing of the past.

Select Publications:

  • The Transformation of Psychology: Influences of 19th-Century Philosophy, Technology, and Natural Science, co-edited with Christopher Green and Thomas Teo. (Washington: APA Books, 2001), 245 pp.
  • The Contested Past: Reading Canada’s History. Selections from the Canadian Historical Review (Toronto, London, Buffalo: University of Toronto Press, 2002), 380 pp.
  • The Science of Social Redemption: McGill, the Chicago School, and the Origins of Social Research in Canada_ (London, Toronto, Buffalo: University of Toronto Press, 1987)
  • “Memory in the Midst of Change: The Social Concerns of Late 19th-Century North American Psychologists,” pp. 63-86 in Green, Shore, and Teo, eds., The Transformation of Psychology
    “Introduction,” (co-authored with Christopher Green and Thomas Teo), The Transformation of Psychology

Grad Courses Taught: Modern Cultural History, United States History, Canadian History, History of Sciences, Health and Environments

Contact: mshore@yorku.ca | 2184 Vari Hall | 416-736-2100 ext 66975 | Website: http://www.yorku.ca/uhistory/faculty/cv/shore.htm

Spotton-Visano, Brenda

Brenda Spotton-Visano
Ph.D. (McGill), Professor (Public Policy and Adminstration, FLAPS)

Research Interests: Socio-economic analysis of financial contagion (manias and panics), evolution of economic institutions and implications for public policy, globalization of capital and financial regulation in the New Economy, macroeconomic financial crises, microfinance.

Select Publications:

  • "Financial Crises: Socio-economic Causes and Institutional Context" London & New York:
Routledge.2006 ISBN: 0-41536-2873
  • "Room to Grow: Celebrating Atkinson’s Living Legacy" Eds. Brenda Spotton Visano and Kristin Taylor,
Toronto Canada: York University, 2009. ISBN: 978-1-55014-508-3 (205pp)
  • “A Hybrid Multi-agent Model for Financial Markets” S. Chen, J. Tien, and B. Spotton Visano, in N.T.
Nguyen et al. (Eds.) : New Frontiers in Applied Artificial Intelligence of Lecture Notes in Computer
Science IEA/AIE 2008, LNAI 5027, pp. 531–540.
  • “Different and Unequal: Payday Loans and Microcredit in Canada” Journal of Economic Asymmetries
2008 Vol.5 No.1, 109-123
  • “Financial Manias and Panics: A Socioeconomic Perspective” American Journal of Economics and
Sociology, 2002 61(4): 801-822.
  • Excerpted and Translated 2003. «Bulles et paniques financières : une
perspective socio-economique » in Problèmes Economiques No 2385 Mer 10 (Dec): 7-14
  • “Speculation”, International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences 2nd ed., 9 vols. Ed. William A. Darity Jr.
(Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2008) , pp. 54-55

Contact: spotton@yorku.ca | 130 McLaughlin | 416-736-2100 ext 20470 | Website: http://www.yorku.ca/spotton/cv.html

Walsh, Philip

Philip Walsh
PhD (Warwick), Associate Professor

Research: Fields of Interest: Classical and Contemporary Social Theory; Political Sociology; Frankfurt School Critical Theory; Sociology of Knowledge; Philosophy of Social Science.

Research Interests: 1. Sociological theories of knowledge. 2. Critical realism. 3. The significance of the work of Hannah Arendt for the social sciences.

Contact: walshp@yorku.ca | 2060C Vari Hall | 416-736-2100 ext 77999 | Website: people.laps.yorku.ca/walshp

Webber, Jeffery

Jeffery R. Webber
Ph.D. (U of T); MA and BA Hons (McGill), Associate Professor, Department of Politics

Research Interests: Marxism; Latin America; social theory; the history of the Left; international development; capitalism and nature; imperialism; the politics of class and social oppression; and social movements.

Select Publications:

  • Impasse of the Latin American Left (with Franck Gaudichaud and Massimo Modonesi), Durham: Duke University Press, forthcoming 2022.
  • The Last Day of Oppression, and the First Day of the Same: The Politics and Economics of the Latin American Left, Chicago: Haymarket, 2017.
  • Blood of Extraction: Canadian Imperialism in Latin America (with Todd Gordon), Halifax: Fernwood, 2016.
  • Red October: Left-Indigenous Struggles in Modern Bolivia, Chicago: Haymarket, 2012.
  • From Rebellion to Reform: Class Struggle, Indigenous Liberation, and the Politics of Evo Morales, Chicago: Haymarket, 2011.
  • Crisis and Contradiction: Marxist Perspectives on Latin America in the Global Political Economy (co-editor with Susan Spronk), Chicago: Haymarket, 2015.
  • The New Latin American Left: Cracks in the Empire (co-editor with Barry Carr), Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2013.

Grad Courses taught:
POLS 6465: Rebellion and Revolution in Modern Latin America

Contact: jr.webber@yorku.ca | 665 South Ross | 416 736 2100 x 30087

Wellen, Richard

Richard Wellen
BA (Tufts), MA, PhD (York SPT), Associate Professor (Social Science)

Research Interests: Political economy of higher education, open access scholarly publishing, democracy and philosophy in Weber, Rorty, Habermas and Derrida, theories of social criticism.

Select Publications:

  • "Grappling with Academic Capitalism in Canadian Universities: With the academic culture changing and managerialism threatening collegiality, can academics defect from 'corporatization' by defining their knowledge as a public good?" - Academic Matters: OCUFA's Journal of Education, Review Essays. 2009
  • “Open Access Scholarly Publishing and the Problem of Networks and Intermediaries in the Academic Commons.” – 5th Frankfurt ScientificSymposium (entitled: Is there any Progress in Alternative Publishing? Problems of the Scholarly Information Economy). Frankfurt,Germany, October 2005.
  • “The University Student in a Reflexive Society: The Problem of the Student Consumer.” in Higher Education Perspectives Vol. 2, No. 1 (2005)
  • “The Tuition Dilemma and the Politics of Mass Higher Education,” The Canadian Journal of Higher Education 34 (1), March 2004. pp. 47-81.
  • “Taking on Commercial Scholarly Journals: Reflections on the Open Access Movement,” Journal of Academic Ethics 2 (1), Summer 2004. pp. 101-118.
  • “The Politics of Intellectual Integrity,” Max Weber Studies 2.1, November 2001. pp. 81-101.
  • Dilemmas in Liberal Democratic Thought since Max Weber. (New York: Peter Lang. 1996). (Series Title: Major Concepts in Politics and Political Theory, vol. 10).

Contact: rwellen@yorku.ca | S753 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 77812 | Website: http://www.yorku.ca/rwellen/

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Faculty Emeritus

Albritton, Robert

Robert Albritton
BA, MA, PhD (California), Emeritus (Political Science)

Research Interests: Marxist theory, Marxian epistemology, poststructuralist theory, political economy.

Contact: ralbritt@yorku.ca | S630 Ross |

Antze, Paul G

Paul Antze
BA (Antioch), MA, PhD (Chicago), Associate Professor (Social Sciences).

Research Interests: Symbolic and medical anthropology, psychoanalysis, mental illness, narrative theory, theories of identity, trauma, memory and dissociation, cultural aspects of addiction.

Select Publications:

  • “On the Pragmatics of Empathy in the Neurodiversity Movement” in M. Lambek ed., Culture, Language and the Ethics of Everyday Life (forthcoming)
  • “Dis-Ordered Communities: How Madness Means” Poiesis:
Journal of Expressive Arts and Communication, 7,1, 2005
    Illness and Irony: On the Ambiguity of Suffering in Culture (co-edited with Michael Lambek).
New York: Berghahn, 2004
  • “Illness as Irony in Psychoanalysis.” Social Analysis 47, 2, 2004
  • “The Other Inside: Memory as Metaphor in Psychoanalysis.” In S. Radstone and K. Hodgkin, eds., Regimes of Memory. London: Routledge, 2003
  • “Dissociative Mimesis: Multiple Personality as Cultural Commentary.” 
Poesis: Journal of Expressive Arts and Communication, 1, 1, 1999.
  • Tense Past: Cultural Essays in Trauma and Memory (co-edited with Michael Lambek).
New York: Routledge, 1996.

Grad Courses Taught: Interpreting Freud

Contact: pantze@yorku.ca | 128 McLaughlin | Website: http://www.arts.yorku.ca/sosc/heso/faculty/paulantze.html | http://www.expressiveartsandsocialchange.org/faculty-paul.html

Balfour, Ian

Ian Balfour
BA (York), MA, (Toronto), PhD (Yale), Professor (English)

Research Interests: British and German Romantic poetry and prose, contemporary theory and criticism, the sublime, popular culture, Walter Benjamin, 18th- century poetry and philosophy.

Contact: ibalfour@yorku.ca | 258 Winters | 416-736-2100 ext 77463

Bannerji, Himani

Himani Bannerji
MA, Ph.D. (Toronto), Professor (Arts)

Research Interests: Marxist sociology, cultural Studies, Third World sociology,
women and development, colonial and post-colonial social and political formations, feminist theory and its relations to race and class, immigrant women in Canada, culture and politics.

Contact: himanib@yorku.ca | 2104 Vari Hall | 416-736-2100 ext 77993 | Website: http://www.arts.yorku.ca/soci/facstaff/people/bannerji.html

Code, Lorraine

Lorraine Code

Research Interests: Epistemology and ethics, feminist philosophy and politics of knowledge, twentieth century French philosophy (Foucault, Beauvoir, Le Doeuff), ecological theory, post-colonial theory

Select Publications:

  • 1991: What Can She Know? Feminist Theory and the Construction of Knowledge, Ithaca: Cornell University Press.
  • 1995: Rhetorical Spaces: Essays on (Gendered) Locations. New York: Routledge.
  • 2000: "The Perversion of Autonomy and the Subjection of Women: Discourses of Social Advocacy at Century's End". In Catriona Mackenzie and Natalie Stoljar, eds., Relational Autonomy: Feminist Perspectives on Autonomy, Agency and the Social Self. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • 2000: "Naming, Naturalizing, Normalizing: The Child as Fact and Artefact". In Patricia Miller and Elin Scholnik, eds., Feminist Developmental Psychology. New York: Routledge, in press
  • 1998."Voice and Voicelessness: A Modest Proposal?" In Janet Kourany, ed., Philosophy in a Different Voice. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Grad Courses Taught: Topics in Feminist Philosophy, New Directions in Theory of Knowledge

Contact: codelb@yorku.ca | S442 Ross | 416 736 2100 x 77593 | Website: www.arts.yorku.ca/phil/faculty/code.html

Horowitz, Asher

Asher Horowitz
BA (McGill), MA, PhD (Toronto), Professor (Political Science)

Research Interests: Critical theory (Horkheimer, Adorno, Marcuse, Benjamin, Habermas), the ethical and the political (Levinas, Derrida, Dussel), psychoanalytic theory, ecological and political thought, history of political thought.

Select Publications:

  • Ed., Difficult Justice: Commentaries on Levinas and Politics. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006 (with G. Horowitz)
    Ethics At a Standstill: History and Subjectivity in Levinas and the Frankfurt School. Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press, forthcoming April 2008
  • "Is Liberalism All We Need? Prelude Via Fascism," in Asher Horowitz and Gad Horowitz, Eds. Difficult Justice: Commentaries on Levinas and Politics. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006, 12-23
  • "Beyond Rational Peace: On the Possibility/Necessity of a Levinasian 
Hyperpolitics," in Asher Horowitz and Gad Horowitz, Eds., Difficult Justice: Commentaries on Levinas and Politics. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006, 27-47
  • "How Levinas Taught Me to Read Benjamin," PhaenEx, Vol. 1, No. 1, (Spring/Summer 2006), 164-197

Grad Courses Taught: Frankfurt School, Levinas and Derrida

Contact: horowitz@yorku.ca | S648 Ross | Website: www.yorku.ca/horowitz/

Levine, Stephen

Stephen Levine
Emeritus (Social Science)

Research Interests: Phenomenolgy, aesthetics, post-modern theories of subjectivity and art, philosophical foundations of art therapies, traume theory, art and social change.

Contact: slevine@yorku.ca | N701A Ross |

McNally, David

David McNally
BA, MA, PhD (York), Professor (Political Science).

Research Interests: Globalization and global justice movements; concepts of freedom and democracy in political thought; radical theories of language and culture; Marxism, feminism and anti-racism; radical political economy.

Select Publications:

  • Political Economy and the Rise of Capitalism (1988)
  • Against the Market: Political Economy Market Socialism and the Marxist Critique (2003)
  • Preview Changes (opens in a new tab)Bodies of Meaning: Studies on Language, Labor and Liberation (2001)
  • Another World is Possible: Globalization and Anti-Capitalism (2002; second revised edition 2006)
  • Monsters of the Market: Body Panics and Global Capitalism (2010).

Grad Courses Taught: Marx’s Capital

Contact: dmcnally@yorku.ca | S662 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 88815 |

Morera, Esteve

Esteve Morera
BA (York), MA, PhD (Toronto), Professor (Philosophy, Political Science).

Research Interests: Vico, Marx, the political thought of Antonio Gramsci, modernity and political theory.

Contact: morera@yorku.ca | S419 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 77591 | Website: www.arts.yorku.ca/phil/morera/index.htm

Mukherjee, Arun

Arun Mukherjee
MA (Toronto and Saugar), Phd (Toronto), Professor (English).

Research Interests: Postcolonial literatures, South Asian literatures, Dalit literature, feminist and anti-racist pedagogy.

Select Publications:

  • Hindu by Sharankumar Limbale. Translated from Marathi with an Introduction. Samya, Kolkata, 2010. Xiii, 155pp.
  • Joothan: A Dalit’s Life by Omprakash Valmiki. Translated from Hindi with an Introduction. Samya, Kolkata, 2003. xlii, 134 pp.
  • York Stories: Women in Higher Education. TSAR Publications, Toronto, 2000. I was a member of the York Stories Collective who interviewed the participants and edited the interviews and other contributions. xiv, 256 pp.
  • Postcolonialism: My Living. TSAR Publications, Toronto, 1998. xx, 242 pp.
  • Oppositional Aesthetics: Readings from a Hyphenated Space. TSAR Publications, Toronto, 1995. xvi, 190 pp.
  • Sharing Our Experience. Edited, with an Introduction. Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Ottawa, 1993. 242 pp.
  • Towards an Aesthetic of Opposition: Essays on Literature, Criticism and Cultural Imperialism. Williams-Wallace Publishers, Stratford, 1988. 110 pp.
  • The Gospel of Wealth in the American Novel: The Rhetoric of Dreiser and Some of His Contemporaries. Croom Helm, London and Sydney, 1987. 229 pp.

Grad Courses Taught: Globalization and Culture: Routes and Routes, Theorising Conflict: Narratives of Domination and Resistance in South Asia, The Cinema of Satyajit Ray and Bengali Fiction, The Postcolonial Text as the Site of Hierarchy

Contact: amukherj@yorku.ca | 342 Stong | 416-736-5166 ext 30442 |

Panitch, Leo

Leo Panitch
BA (Manitoba), MSc, Ph.D. (L.S.E.), Distinguished Research Professor, Senior Canada Research Chair (Political Science).

Research Interests: Comparative political economy, state theory, theories of globalization and imperialism, US empire, socialism and democracy, working class politics, corporatism, Canadian politics, British politics. Canada Research Chair Research Project: Finance, production and empire

Select Publications:

  • Global Capitalism and American Empire
  • Renewing Socialism: Democracy, Strategy and Imagination
  • Working Class Politics in Crisis
  • From Consent to Coercion: The Assault on Trade Union Freedoms
  • The Canadian State: Political Economy and Political Power

Contact: lpanitch@yorku.ca | S661 Ross | 416-736-2100 ext 33891 or 416.736.5265 | Website: www.arts.yorku.ca/politics/LeoV.Panitch.html

Polka, Brayton

Brayton Polka
PhD (Harvard), Professor Emeritus (Humanities)

Research Interests: Ontology and hermeneutics, the relationship between philosophy and religion (Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, Spinoza, Rousseau, Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche), depth psychology (Freud and Jung).

Select Publications:

  • 1998 "History and Humanity: The Religious Alternative." Humanism and the Good Life. Peter Horwath, ed. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. 23-37.
  • 1996 "Spinoza and Biblical Interpretation: The Paradox of Modernity." The European Legacy. Vol. 1 (5): 1673-1682.
  • 1994 "Freud, Science, and the Psychoanalytic Critique of Religion: The Paradox of Self-Referentiality." The Journal of the American Academy of Religion. Vol. 62 (1): 59-83.
  • 1992 "Aesthetics and Religion: Kierkegaard and the Offence of Indirect Communication." Kierkegaard on Art and Communication.
George Pattison, ed. The Macmillan Press: London and St. Martin's Press: New York. 23-54.
  • 1992 "Interpretation and the Bible: The Dialectic of Concept and Content in Interpretative Practice." Hermeneutics, the Bible and Literary Criticism. Ann Loades and Michael McLain, eds. The Macmillan Press: London. 27-45.
  • 1992 "Spinoza's Concept of Biblical Interpretation." The Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy. Vol. 2: 19-44.
  • 1991 "Psychology and Theology in The Brothers Karamazov: 'Everything is Permitted' and the Two Fictions of Contradiction and Paradox." The Journal of Literature and Theology. Vol. 5 (3): 253-76.

Contact: bpolka@rogers.com | 232 Vanier | Website: http://www.yorku.ca/human/faculty/polka.html

Singer, Brian

Brian Singer
Ph.D. (York), Associate Professor (Chair, Department of Sociology, Glendon Campus)

Research Interests: Critical theory, political sociology, revolutions and the formation of the modern nation state, nationalism and democratic theory, contemporary French political and social Thought.

Select Publications:

  • With Lorna Weir, “Sovereignty, Governance and the Political,” Thesis Eleven, No. 94 (August 2008)
  • With Lorna Weir, “Politics and Sovereign Power: Considerations on Foucault,” European Journal of Social Theory, Vol. 9, No. 4 (2006)
  • “Thinking the ‘Social’ with Claude Lefort,” Thesis Eleven, No. 87 (November 2006)
  • "Montesquieu, Adam Smith and the Discovery of the Social," Journal of Classical Sociology, Vol.4, No.1 (March 2004).
  • "Intellectuals and Democracy: The Three Figures of Knowledge and Power," CTHEORY, < http://www.ctheory.net/default.asp> Article: A147 (12/1/2004).
  • "Méditations pascaliennes. The Skholè and Democracy," European Journal of Social Theory, Vol.2, No.3 (August 1999).
  • "Habermas et l'idéologie: Requiem (et plaidoyer) pour un concept," Carrefours. Revue de réflexion interdisciplinaire, 20 -1, 1998.
  • "Cultural versus Contractual Nations: Rethinking their Opposition," History and Theory, Vol. 35, No. 3, 1996
  • "État-nation: essai sur un trait d'union," Société, No. 14, hiver, 1995.
  • "The 'Heidegger Affair.' Philosophy, Politics and the 'Political'." Theory and Society, Vol. 22, No 4, August 1993.

Grad Courses Taught: Foundations of Contemporary Politics and Culture

Contact: bsinger@yorku.ca | C116 York Hall, Glendon | 416-487-6741 ext 88377 | Website: Profile

Taylor, Patrick

Patrick Taylor
BA, MA, Phd (York), Professor (Humanities)

Research Interests: Postcolonial thought, religion and politics, Latin America and the Caribbean, Caribbean literature and popular culture.

Select Publications:

  • Nation Dance: Religion, Identity and Cultural Difference in the Caribbean. Editor. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2001
  • Forging Identities and Patterns of Development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Co-editor with Joanna Rummens and Polo Diaz. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press, 1991.
  • The Narrative of Liberation: Perspectives on Afro-Caribbean Literature, Popular Culture, and Politics. Ithaca: Cornell University, Press, 1989.

Grad Courses Taught: Race-Thinking, Modernity and Postcolonial Melancholia

Contact: taylorp@yorku.ca | 206 Vanier | 416-736-2100 ext 40481 |

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Adjunct Faculty

Please note: Adjunct members may join a supervisory committee as a member, but are not permitted to hold the supervisor position on SPTH committees.

Brophy, Susan Diane

Susan Dianne Brophy
BA, MA (Carleton), PhD (York), Associate Professor (Legal Studies)

Research Interests: theory and history of law and capitalism, uneven and combined development, liberal democratic state law and authority, politico-legal subjectivity, continental philosophy (Kant, Marx, Agamben), anticolonialist methodology and analysis (Fanon), idealist vs. materialist approaches to law, history of Western Manitoba (fur trade, Ukrainian immigration)

Select Publications

  • 2019: 'Reciprocity as Dispossession: A Dialectical Materialist Analysis of the Fur Trade', Settler Colonial Studies. 9.3 (Online First 2018): 301–319.
  • 2019: 'Freedom without Being: Kant’s Corrective as the Philosophical Crux of Agamben’s "Homo Sacer" Series', European Journal of Political Theory. 18.2 (Online First 2016): 195–215.
  • 2017: 'An Uneven and Combined Development Theory of Law: Initiation' in Law and Critique. 28.2: 167–191.
  • 2016: 'The Emancipatory Praxis of Ukrainian Canadians (1891-1919) and the Necessity of a Situated Critique', Labour/Le travail: Journal of Canadian Labour Studies. 77, Spring: 151–179.
  • 2015: 'Meaningless Authenticity: The Ethical Subject in Agamben’s Early Works', Critical Horizons: A Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory. 16.3: 246–263.
  • 2015: 'Agamben and the Political Act: Traces of a Regressive Logic', Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory. 22.4 (Online First 2014): 555–570

Contact: susan.brophy@uwaterloo.ca | 2009 Sweeney Hall, St. Jerome's University in the University of Waterloo |519-888-4567 ext 28284 | Website: uwaterloo.ca/scholar/s3brophy |

Keikhaee, Aidin

Aidin Keikhaee
MA, PhD (York), Assistant Professor (Ihcs, Tehran, Iran)

Research Interests:

Critical theory (the Frankfurt School, Marx), aesthetics, aesthetics of music, ethics (Levinas), decolonial thought and world-system analysis (Dussel, Quijano, Wallerstein)

Select Publications

  • “Adorno, Marx, Dialectic,” Philosophy and Social Criticism, 46(7): 829-857, 2020.

Contact: a.keikhaee@ihcs.ac.ir

Kolia, Zahir

Zahir Kolia
BA (University of Toronto); MA, PhD (York University, SPT); Assistant Professor (Criminology)

Research interests: Postcolonial and Decolonial theory; Post-Secular thought and the Theological-Political; Political Ecology; Critical Criminology; Police violence.

Select Publications

  • “The Aporia of Indigeneity: (Dis)Enchanting Identity and the Modular Nation Form,” Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, vol. 18, no. 4 (2016): 605–626
  • “'I'm Making the Streets Safer Ma'am': Race, Coloniality, and the Redemptive Theologies of Pastoral Police Power,” Law, Culture and the Humanities, 2017, Online First, DOI: 10.1177/1743872117737238
  • Abdel-Shehid, G; Kolia, Z. “In light of the Master: Resituating Fanon and Césaire,” C.L.R. James Journal, 2017, DOI: 10.5840/clrjames2017102440
  • “Epistemologies of African Conflicts: Violence, Evolutionism, and the War in Sierra Leone” Méthod(e)s: African Review of Social Sciences Methodology (review), 2017. doi.org/10.1080/23754745.2017.1354563
  • “Archiving Trauma and Amnesia: The Political Theologies of Reconciliation in South Africa” in Recentering Africa in International Relations: Beyond Lack, Peripherality, and Failure. Zubairu Wai, eds., New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.
  • “Beyond the Secular Anthropocene: Locke’s Self-Owning Body, Protestant (Mis)Translations of Indigenous World-Making, and the Settler-Colonial Plantation Economy” Globalizations, forthcoming.
  • “Questioning the Eurocentric Erasures of the Anthropocene: Towards a Decolonial Political Ecology” in Time and Temporality and International Relations in the Times of the Anthropocene. Anna Agathangelou, eds. (Routledge), forthcoming.

Contact: by email at Ryerson University,

Zahir Kolia, Ph.D
Assistant Professor,
Department of Criminology – JOR827
Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street,
Toronto, Ontario. M5B 2K3
Tel: 416-979-5000 ext 2584
Email: zkolia@ryerson.ca
Web: www.ryerson.ca/criminology/

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