Graduate Program in Social and Political Thought

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Founded in 1973, York University's unique interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Social and Political Thought (SPTH) undertakes to encourage, develop and advance the analysis of social and political ideas with the aim of integrating intellectual interests common to the humanities and social sciences. This program offers both MA and PhD degrees programs.  The Program is not associated with any particular school of thought, and stresses both historical and systematic study of social and political ideas. In cooperation with the participating academic disciplines from across the university, the program’s curriculum is structured around three flexible areas of study:

  • History of Social and Political Thought
  • Black Studies and Theories of Race and Racism
  • Economy, Consciousness, Aesthetics and Society

This program is ideal for students who enjoy working independently. For this reason, only those students who indicate that they wish to complete such a program of independent study will normally be admitted. In selecting their courses, students will be expected to acquire a broad interdisciplinary knowledge of the field as a whole, as well as pursue their own specialized interests. In all cases students will have to take considerable personal initiative to develop an intellectually coherent pattern of study which will lead to the writing of an original doctoral dissertation in Social and Political Thought. Students will be required to be adequately prepared in those languages essential to their dissertation research.

Social and Political Thought is a member of the Critical Theory Consortium.

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Social and Political Thought Grad Program: Student Andrew Brown

Social and Political Thought Grad Program: Student Jen Preston

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