Degree Requirements

PhD requirements* are as follows:

  1. Courses:
    Students must successfully complete the PhD course requirements exactly as described below.
    Take the  equivalent of 24 credits as follows:
    a) Social & Political Thought 6104 (6 credit program core course): Social and Political
    Thought: Theories, Approaches, and Methods – this course must be completed in the first year,  and
    b) Take an additional 18 credits**, including 12 credits of Social & Political Thought courses***
    - In order to ensure interdisciplinary breadth, at least 3 credits must be taken in another SPT field other than the student’s primary SPT field ( there are 3 fields and fields are designated by course code)

*All PhD requirements are superseded by FGS policies

**A full course is a 6 credit course and is usually offered over two terms. A half course is a 3 credit course and is usually offered over one term

***a maximum of 6 credits may be taken as a directed reading course (Social & Political Thought 6001 6.0 or 6001 3.0). No more than 6 credits may be taken with one faculty member, with the exception of a directed reading course.
Demonstration of suitable comprehensive mastery over general areas of social and
political thought relevant to the candidate’s program of study as  determined by the candidate’s supervisory committee.
The comprehensive requirements are to be successfully completed prior to the submission of a dissertation proposal.

3. Dissertation Proposal
The dissertation proposal can only be submitted upon the completion
of all coursework and the successful completion of the comprehensive examination. The dissertation proposal must be approved by both the Supervisory Committee, Graduate Program Director and the Faculty of Graduate Studies (in that order) at least six months prior to the PhD oral defense.

4. Submission of PhD Dissertation and successful defense of PhD dissertation

(These requirements currently pending Senate approval - expected approval date: August 2016)


For more information about Degree Requirements, see Current Students - Degree Requirements.